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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a slimy light-hearted Isekai, , fantasy that keeps its tongue planted firmly in its cheek is it toys around with the tropes of RPGs and fantasy stories it’s the kind of show where the main characters biggest concern as he’s dying is making sure that his friend destroy his hard drive before any of his family sees it the kind of show where dragons act like soon to raise and elves run hostess bars but it’s also a lot more than that this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve said a show has heart and it probably won’t be the last either but in a sub-genre crowded with cynical repetitive low-quality Period equally cynical though often hilarious parodies and depressing dark subversions That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
The better way to shorten that has a refreshing air of earnestness and optimism about it that has made it one of my favorite shows to keep up with this season if you’ve looked at it and written it off as yet another generic Isekai series or even given it a shot and found its laid-back pace to be a little boring I can’t exactly blame you it’s not the kind of anime that jumps out as a must watch to either casual otaku or arty-farty enjoyers like myself but I really do think it’s one of the best of the season up there with Zombieland saga run with the wind bloom into you and rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai or was call wabbit for short and if you’ll lend me a few moments of your time I’d like to explain why that’s gonna necessitate a few spoilers so if you’d prefer to just take me at my word and come back for the rest of my thoughts after you’ve watched the show this is your warning there will be one particularly spoiler bit that I’ll give an extra warning for but if you feel like you need more convincing stick around and let me show you just how much of its power levels slime incarnation is hiding damn I am killing it with these english short names today.
Satoru Mikami
The name of the show suggests That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, is about a middle-aged Japanese guy a 40 year old virgin to be precise who dies in a random knife attack and is reincarnated as a cute light blue blob of sentient flesh-eating goo with the ability to mimic the appearance and abilities of any other creature that it eats armed with more intelligence than your average sign that is to say any intelligence at all the slime begins absorbing magic rocks and plants and gaining immense power as a result in the cave where he wakes up he eventually meets Veldora Tempest an ancient and powerful storm dragon who was sealed away there long ago trapped in a magical bubble from which he can’t escape and then they become friends because well what else is either of them gonna do Veldora gives the slime the name Rimuru Tempest making him part of his family and Veldora.
Rimuru Tempest making him part of his family and Veldora
Rimuru doesn’t immediately realize it granting him immense magical power as a named monster a power that he later passes on to a village of goblins becoming their protector the same way that Veldora is his and also a pack of very very good dogs with no immediate way to release Veldora.
Rimuru opts to absorb
Rimuru opts to absorb him instead barrier and all vowing to one day find a way to break his friends seal before setting out to explore the rest of the world although by making the dragon disappear Rimuru has unwittingly tipped the balance of power in this world and created a vacuum that many other monsters and humans will soon try to fill but you know he can deal with all that when he gets to it Rimuru isn’t your typical yokai protagonist by any stretch of the imagination I mean yeah by the time he gets out of the cave he’s absurdly Opie but other than that he defies convention he’s kind of lazy and extremely laid-back he’s not reluctant to help others but he doesn’t really jump at every opportunity like your generic shown in brick head either when someone comes to him in need he weighs the costs and benefits and usually decides to help because you know it’s not hurting him why not which is how he ends up defending a village of adorably goofy little goblins from a pack of vicious dire wolves and then becomes the leader of that pack after he decides to spare them oh and did I mention they’re good boys because they’re good boys Rimuru is neither a moral Paragon a tortured antihero or despite his wizard status before dying a pathetic heat mori who needs to learn a hard lesson about the real world he’s just a normal decently nice dude who helps people when he can and gradually ends up taking on more responsibilities as a result he’s got ideals he’s a pacifist and he clearly likes to make people happy.
What I understand his eventual goal is world peace
What I understand his eventual goal is world peace but he comes by his ambition slowly and naturally and as he does the show moves along at a really pleasant relaxing pace the first episode mostly boils down to Rimuru hopping around in a cave getting used to his body and while it’s not the most action-packed 20 minutes of anime you’ll ever see in your life there’s something really fun and charming about it it kind of reminds me of Yash ek or healing anime like sweetness and lightening but that’s not to say the series is uneventful far from it once Rimuru makes his way out of the cave there’s a few strong action scenes to enjoy character designs I’ve said this before but slime incarnations soft colors and expressive unique designs particularly its pre evolved goblins remind me a lot of Wind Spirit Wolf and to a lesser extent Okami like those games the way that the characters in this world express themselves is just kind of inherently funny and charming on its own but the show has plenty of great gags and jokes beyond that my favorite so far has the only goblin who stayed goofy looking after evolving into a Hobgoblin in increasingly elaborate ways and then eventually leaves him literally hanging well he and his new dwarf friends are exiled so maybe the show’s humor isn’t completely without fight because the show’s character designs are relatively simple they animate very cleanly in both action and slapstick scenes and that gives the series a great deal of energy rimy rue in particular is clearly a lot of fun for the animators to play around with as he can morph into any number of shapes as needed to sell jokes and despite not having actual eyes or a mouth he’s remarkably expressive slimes are a very well worn monster archetype in anime in Japanese games and any slime character is inevitably going to be compared to the elegant and iconic Akira Toriyama creation that serves as Dragon Quest mascot so it really says something that Rimuru manages to capture that same understated appeal that you expect from a slime character while still being almost wholly distinct from his gooey brethren simple as he is it’s an incredible feat of character design all things considered though honestly I’m impressed with the designs and production quality of this series across the board it’s a really good-looking show these are the things that drew me into slime incarnation and I’ve really been enjoying it since it first started airing but there was one moment in episode 6 that made me realize I was watching something really special obviously this is gonna be more of a spoiler than anything I’ve said up to this point so skip ahead to this timecode if you want it to stay a surprise okay so in episode 6 Remi rue has a run-in with a group of hapless adventurers who past him as he was leaving the cave back in episode 2 as they come to investigate the forest at the behest of their guild accompanying them is a young woman in a mask who to Rimuru utter shock is able to eat through that mask also she’s apparently Japanese maybe I should have led with that part now it’s not like slime incarnation is the first yokai anime where the protagonist runs into another character from their world.
Shizue Izawa

Shizue Izawa she’s who is from Japan but she’s not from Rimuru time she’s from the 1940s which was not a great time to be well anywhere really but Japan especially as a kid she’s who was caught in an allied air raid and saw her mother die horribly in the bombings right before she was transported to the other world by a summoner seeing her frail burned body the seminar just about left her for dead before deciding it might be worth trying to bond her body with the fire spirit efreet and turn her into a living weapon so yeah not the best day young Shizu was whisked away from the earth at the worst moment of her life and has spent who knows how long trapped in a foreign land alone doing the bidding of an apparently wicked master in a very sweet act of kindness though Rimuru decides to use his slime abilities to share his memories with her and show her something beautiful to cheer her up [ ] god damn it not that dis he shows her his memories of Japan’s reconstruction following the war and the growth of Tokyo skyline into the bustling metropolis that we know today for a girl apparently enslaved by her summoner.
Shizue Memories 
Whose last memories of her home were what must have seemed like the end of the world that’s a pretty incredible gift definitive proof that even in the bleakest of moments there is hope for peace and a brighter future and that may just be the sentimental artsy fartsy watcher and me talking but that seemed blew me away not only is it executed beautifully but it’s a brilliant concept the idea of using this other worlds as a bridge to allow someone from modern Japan to share its brightest moments with someone who only saw it at its bleakest is genius it creates an instantaneous and powerful bond between these two characters who’ve just met in a way that makes narrative sense and defies cliché it single-handedly begins to justify the somewhat hokey plot point that a fortune-teller foretold that Shizue and Remi rue were destined to be together before this scene I was rolling my eyes a bit at what I thought was silly wish fulfillment but afterwards I am 100% onboard this particular ship but if we can put the romantic catharsis aside for a moment I think this scene also exemplifies the show’s two greatest strengths which I’ll speak about in slightly broader terms so that our spoiler shy friends can come back in a few times now slime incarnation has shown in a remarkable capacity for finding grounded human moments in outlandish concepts and fantasy clichés from an ancient and powerful dragons sealed away beneath the earth to stop his reign of terror.

Rimuru with his friend’s

Who just feels really lonely and wants a friend – a nasty scheming bureaucrat who cheats his way to the top and breaks down crying when he realizes his king let him get away with it because he believed in his potential and wanted to see him better himself a belief that he just now snuffed out with his own awful behavior I could find plenty more examples between the dwarves the goblins the elf hostesses and Rimuru pack of good boys but everyone we’ve met so far in Slam incarnations world has revealed themselves to be not vastly more complex than the tropes they represent but human and certainly more complicated than they first appear even gobbet ah well ok maybe not Gobta and all of the major characters thus far have demonstrated a very believable balance of good traits and flaws and very human vulnerability this is all played for a mostly comedic effect but it also feeds into what seems like the underlying point of the series showing how at their hearts people from all walks of life are just people and that means that with a bit of kindness maybe they can overcome their differences and come together to make a better world I don’t know if slime incarnation handles this message flawlessly its allusions to world war.

Rimuru Tempest

I have thus far been a little less critical of Japan’s role than they probably should be and i wouldn’t like to see it whitewash that in favor of a pacifistic message but it’s still a positive and unambiguously hopeful message that I really appreciate especially in a world where cynicism seems increasingly to be the norm I don’t know maybe it’s just me but in anime not aimed at kids an ironic optimism seems to be pretty scarce if you see it at all it’s a mindset generally framed as kind of dumb or at least unsophisticated so it makes me happy to see a show that’s well written and funny with strong production values and great acting that champions the idea of being nice to people making friends and what you can to make the world around you a better place and frames the guy trying to do that as intelligent and capable I really like slime incarnations laid-back sense of humor I like its characters it’s action scenes and it’s world but it’s that attitude that positive outlook that’s really making me fall to this anime and already complete the 1 season all episode’s and season 2 part 1, how much you tell me in comment’s.
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  • 23 June 2021

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