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Black Clover

Type: Manga, Anime
Published: 2015 – Present
Producers: Pierrot
Genres: Shōnen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy
Source: Original
Adaption: Anime
Studios: Pierrot


Black Clover is a story of a young orphan who aspires to be a Wizard King in a land where magic determines everything. Nevertheless, Asta was born without magic power. However, he was able to train physically and wield four anti-magic swords from a five-leaf clover grimoire, in which the devil resides. After that, he joins the Magic Knights, which is a group comprised of mages who safeguard the kingdom in an effort to attain his goal.


Asta: The protagonist of the story. Asta is a young orphan who is not blessed with magic. However, he uses intense physical practices to fight a devil that resides in a five-leaf clover grimoire and wields four anti-magic swords. He is committed to becoming the Wizard King and is always willing to help others.

Yuno: Asta’s childhood friend and rival. Yuno, the mage prodigy with the four-leaf clover grimoire. The other thing is he also wants to be the wizard king and that is why he always pushes Asta to improve himself.

What is story about Black Clover?

It starts with Asta and Yuno attending the annual grimoire ceremony. Asta does get a grimoire but his is not four-leafed clover. Shortly after, Asta is attacked by a group of bandits, but he is rescued by an old man who gives him a grimoire comprising of five leaves of clover.

Asta defeats bandits using his new grimoire and then joins the Magic Knights. To a Black Bulls squad, a squad of misfits and outcasts, he is assigned. Asta soon becomes a buddy to his teammates, and he starts working hard to be the future Wizard King.


The series Black Clover is a very popular shōnen manga and has a huge fan base. The film is commended for its thrilling action scenes, fully developed characters, and warm moments.

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