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Daredevil Marvel Mangaverse

Marvel Mangaverse: One-shot comic book published by Marvel Comics in 2001 by Daredevil Marvel Mangaverse (2001). Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Kaare Andrews.


The story of Matthew Murdock, a lawyer blinded in an accident and with superhuman senses, is told in the comic book. He turns into Daredevil, a masked avenger who fights crime in the sectors of hell that New York City comprises.

In the Marvel Mangaverse universe, Daredevil is more vicious and more violent compared to the main Marvel Universe. He also belongs more to the sphere of magic and the occult.

The comic opens with the story of Matthew Murdock’s accident. The substance blinded Murdock but also made him acquire superhuman senses.

Having new senses Murdock becomes Daredevil. He is soon a pain in the neck to the Kingpin, who is the crime boss in New York City.

The Kingpin contracts the Hand, a group of ninjas to kill Daredevil. Nonetheless, Daredevil defeats the Hand and still fights crime.

Daredevil is portrayed in the comic book fighting various enemies such as Kingpin, Hand and Mephisto, the demon lord.

In the end, Daredevil manages to defeat Mephisto and save the world from total destruction. However in the Comic book the Daredevil suggests that he can never return to the normal life.


Marvel Mangaverse: This is a really fascinating comic book, written well and exciting. It is a perfect introduction of the Marvel Mangaverse universe and its characters. The comic book is also a good read for Daredevil and manga fans.

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  • 24 October 2023

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