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Unwanted Immortal Adventurer

Author: Yu Okano
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Dark Comedy
Status: Ongoing


Faina Rentt is a twenty-five-year old adventurer who has been slaughtering monsters for a decade. Rentt is not very talented in his job and he spends his days searching for coins-worth slimes and goblins.

Finally, one day Rentt is exploring a dungeon and gets killed by a very strong monster. Nevertheless, Rentt is merely resurrected as a skeleton rather than dying completely.

Initially, Rentt is depressed with his new state. He cannot go back to town for fear being turned away and he is chased by other monsters. Nevertheless, Rentt finally chooses to live with his new identity and utilizes his immortal life to achieve his childhood ambition of being a Mithril –class adventurer.


Rentt Faina– Rentt is a skeleton, with hollow eye sockets and a toothy grin. He wears a tattered cloak and a rusty sword.

What is About Unwanted Immortal Adventurer

Rentt’s journey to become a Mithril-class adventurer, despite his new condition as an undead skeleton.

Adaption details

Unwanted Immortal Adventurer is a light novel series that has been made into a manga and an anime. Critics have commended the series for its originality, several tear-jerking instances, several funny ones, and its multifaceted and well-crafted characters. Rentt is an especially common protagonist because he is likeable and people can easily relate with him even under unusual circumstances.


The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer is a great spin of fantasy, and an entertaining read. The story revolves around an underdog protagonist who surmounts enormous obstacles to pursue his dreams. It is guaranteed to tickle the funny bones, warm the hearts, and thrill the senses of fans of all ages from across the globe.

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  • 23 October 2023

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