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Only I level up

Type: Manhwa
Published: 2018 – 2021
Producers: Chugong (Author), Jang Sung-rak (Illustrator)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
Source: Original
Adaption: None
Studios: None


In the world, all people have the level and grow stronger only by overcoming the monsters, the character Shin Woo is the only one who can raise the level. This is an advantage, but it also makes him a target of curiosity and envy.

Woo determines to make use of his strength to save others and be a hero. He sets off on a quest of strength and his power. In the process, he makes allies and foes, and he has to overcome several obstacles.

Main Characters

Shin Woo: The protagonist of the story. He is a friendly and considerate person who intends to use his might in the favor of the people.

Lee Jin-ah: Woo’s best friend and confidante. She is the one who is aware of Woo’s secret, and she remains with him through thick and thin.

Choi Yoo-jin: A clever hunter with strong ambitions who envies the power of Woo. She eventually becomes Woo’s friend and ally.

Kim Chul-min: A ferocious hunter with an insatiable ambition to use Woo’s magic to his selfish ends. He is Woo’s main antagonist.

What is About Only I level up

Woo starts to discover that he is the only one who can level up. Initially, he is confused and afraid but later decides to use his strength in favor of others. In a quest for strength and knowledge of his power, he goes on a journey.

Woo interacts with Jin-ah, Yoo-jin, and Chul-min during this journey. In the process, Jin-ah and Yoo-jin become Woo’s allies, and Chul-min becomes his enemy. Chul-min is ready to use Woo’s strength for his own purposes and does not mind whatever it takes.

Woo will have to confront numerous obstacles during his trip. He has to battle mighty monsters, go through deadly traps, and outsmart his rivals. Still, he never backs down and always resolves to apply his strength to the better.


Finally, Woo manages to defeat Chul-min and saves the world. He learns how to reign in his strength, and uses it to assist others. He also has true love to Jin-ah.

Woo ends up living a complete and contented life, knowing that he has done the world a favour.

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