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A Sign of Affection Everything You Need to Know

Type: Manga
Published: 2019 – Ongoing
Producers: suu Morishita (Author)
Genres: Shojo, Romance
Source: Original
Adaption: Anime TV series (2024)
Studios: Ajia-do Animation Works (Anime)


Yubisaki to Renren ( is also known as A Sign of Affection) is a manga series that focuses on Yuki, a deaf high school girl, and her boyfriend Itsuomi. Yuki is a very bright and independent girl but she sometimes feels very detached from the world around her. Itsuomi is a patient and caring boy who endeavors to make Yuki learn and enjoy life.

After spending time with Yuki and Itsuomi, they start loving one another. Nevertheless, their relationship is not devoid of difficulties. Yuki will have to develop trust for Itsuomi and communicate her feelings to him. Itsuomi must learn to communicate to Yuki in the manner she recognizes.

In spite of the obstacles they encounter, Yuki and Itsuomi’s love has only grown stronger. They want to make a future together, and they make others see the world beyond their differences.

Main Characters

Yuki Yoshida: A deaf, intelligent, independent, and very studious high school student. She is also insecure about her deafness and sometimes she feels that the world around her is a strange place.

Itsuomi Onodera: A high school student in a hearing who is kind, understanding, and determined to help Yuki communicate and experience the world as much as possible. Besides, he finds Yuki’s intelligence and independence appealing.

Tsubasa Honda: Yuki’s best friend and confidante. Tsubasa is a hearing girl who always is there for Yuki and supports her without any limit.

Haruka Onodera: Itsuomi’s older sister. Yuki and Itsumi are blessed with a kind and considerate girlfriend in the person of Haruka.

Ryota Yoshida: Yuki’s older brother. Ryota is a brother who loves Yuki very much and tries to protect him.

What is About Yubisaki to Renren ( is also known as A Sign of Affection)

The story starts when Yuki joins a new high school. She is excited to begin a new life but at the same time, she is scared of communicating with her new classmates and teachers.

Yuki gets in touch with Itsuomi who is appointed her partner. Immediately, Itsuomi develops love toward Yuki and decides to assist her to communicate with the world fully.

Yuki is however wary of Itsuomi at first. She has been hurt by people who have made assumptions about her because she is deaf. Nevertheless, it takes patience and understanding on Itsuomi’s part until he finally manages to win over her.

The more time Yuki and Itsuomi spend in one another’s company, the deeper they fall in love. Although they face some problems in their relationship. Yuki has to trust Itsuomi and share his/her emotions with him. Itsuomi should learn how to talk with Yuki for her to understand.

In spite of these challenges, Yuki and Itsuomi’s love for each other has become stronger. They are committed to construct a common future and their story instils others to see the world outside their differences.


A Sign of Affection is a heart touching manga drama on love acceptance and communication. All the characters are lovable and well-fleshed out, and the story has plenty of comedy, romance and drama.

Manga has also gained popularity for its positive presentation of a deaf protagonist. Yuki is a young, robust and self-dependent lady who has the willpower to enjoy life. Her relationship with Itusi, however, proves that love is possible despite differences.

In summary, A Sign of Affection is perfect for those who love shojo, romance, and coming-of-age manga. It is a light-hearted and enjoyable series that is sure to put a smile on your face.

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