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Metallic Rouge Everything You Need to Know

Type: Original series
Published: 2023
Producers: [Insert names of producers]
Genres: Science fiction, drama
Source: Original story
Adaption: Anime
Studios: Bones


Within a short time, Metallic Rouge(Metarikku Rūju), a new technology is introduced. It is an extremely strong metal that can be used to construct skyscrapers and even guns. Nevertheless, Metallic Rouge is equally deadly and it can land in the hands of the wrong persons.

Metallic Rouge, which is a young woman, is surrounded by evil forces who want to benefit from her. Anya is the head of the rebels who are fighting the evil forces. Anya and her team should utilize all their skills and resources to defeat the criminals and save the planet.


Anya: The head of the rebel group. She is a formidable fighter and tactician.

Kai: Anya’s second best friend and deputy. He is a very brilliant scientist and engineer. listade: a. In this chapter, the first topic concerns the main features of the current system of education.

Noah: A former soldier turned rebel. He is excellent in combat and tactician.

Chloe: A hacker and tech expert. She forms an integral part of the rebel team.

What is about Metallic Rouge

First, in the series, Metallic Rouge is developed. Many governments and organizations all over the world readily adopt the technology. Nevertheless, a cabal of rogue doctors swipes a sample of Metallic Rouge and sets off on their own projects.

Anya and her rebel group are able to discover the rogue scientists’ plans and decide to put a stop to them. Nevertheless, the rebels are outnumbered and outgunned. In this regard, they have to employ all the skills and resources at their disposal to beat the bad guys.

In the course of the series, Anya and her team gain more information on the threat that Metallic Rouge poses. They also learn that the rogue scientists are not what they seem.


Any and her team manage to defeat the rogue scientists and avert the world from their wicked schemes. They know that the Metallic Rouge threat is still lurking. Therefore, they promise to continue fighting in order to prevent the technology from falling into the wrong hands.

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  • 23 October 2023

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