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Dororo:- Finally Dororo is Dubbed and all have to watch Dororo!

I’m gonna start this Blog with being honest with you guys this season has been fantastic let’s talk about why you need to watch Dororo. Dororo is quickly becoming another one of these shows the anime takes place in feudal Japan.

Where many of the lords are warring and thusly most of Japan is covered in battles and blood the show follows Dororo a small child and he Hyakkimaru a boy with many missing body parts their goal is to survive as well as hunt down demons who will one by one give he Hyakkimaru back his missing body parts as they are defeated this show is dark I do want to preface this beforehand this is feudal Japan after all and that’s kind of the interesting thing about this anime it’s asking us some pretty deep questions the most interesting one is what makes us human.

 Yes, Hyakkimaru is a perfect case study of this at the beginning of the show he is pretty far off from being a human physically speaking he’s mostly machine to be honest but as he hunts down more and more demons he continues to get more body parts and thus Lee is able to understand the world around him much more but this kind of backfires as Hyakkimaru  is able to comprehend more of the world around him he begins to understand the cruelty that occurs in this world this often results in him killing many humans and in a way making he Hyakkimaru less of a human it’s this interesting idea that the more human he Hyakkimaru becomes physically the less mentally human he becomes this is most clear in the arc where he Hyakkimaru is injured after fighting a demon and is taken in by a lady with a beautiful voice and a few children she was taken care of oh uh spoilers ahead skip to this timecode if you haven’t seen this arc yet we later find out that the woman who is taking care of these children is prostituting herself out to the very same samurai who destroyed their lives in the first place but instead of being perceived as some desperate and sad attempt at survival it’s her own way of taking back what they had stolen she uses this power to buy something to heal Hyakkimaru so he can fight off the demon in a specific location so they can all live peacefully but his attempt fails and he Hyakkimaru loses his leg so after recovering for a few days Hyakkimaru gets impatient one thing his leg back along with some revenge he sets out early to kill the demon this time he succeeds but at a heavy cost we find out that while he was gone the samurai came to their hideout and slaughtered everyone Hyakkimaru rightfully so goes berserk and kills all of the Warriors it’s this dark turn of events where if he Hyakkimaru hadn’t gotten impatient he would have been able to help but thanks to him wanting revenge and wanting to become more physically human he in a way became less human it’s this very harsh punishment for his greed and impatience for a show about hunting demons the main antagonists of the show are almost always human most of the demons are made from humans or are merely non-threatening the often most unpredictable and most dangerous characters in the show are humans themselves after all the characters.

Who most push Hyakkimaru towards being a monster are human of course there are many small rays of hope in the show in particular the young child who Hyakkimaru  travels with Dororo often brings  Hyakkimaru back to earth whenever he goes berserk this character is a strong reminder of the kindness humans are capable of and grows alongside Haku Maru and keep in mind I haven’t even talked about the incredible fight scenes the amazingly stylized art some of the major issues the show discusses and even the incredible soundtrack and Opie Durrell is going to be a timeless classic I think that much is clear with the show’s question of what makes someone human and he Hyakkimaru arrows development as characters it’s just hard to say anything other than you need to watch Dororo thank you guys so much for Reading my blog….!

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  • 7 August 2021


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