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Every Pro Hero in My Hero Academia Explained!



The world of My Hero Academia as we know it is a superhuman society where heroics may be found at the forefront of just about all things from current events and merchandise to even things such as education and so with that we would like to take the time out to better understand each and every one of the professional heroes and the story of my hero academia that we currently know of there are certainly a whole lot of them and so this list will not be taking into account characters with provisional licenses or heroic ambitions and desires but rather those literally recognized as professional heroes by their respective governmental bodies.

Every Pro Hero in My Hero Academia Explained!

Rumi Usagiyama: The rabbit hero Mirko and her quirk rabbit in her youth she would frequently crash fight clubs and was known as a legendary school girl hooligan this is a character that has always loved the thrill of battle and charges headfirst into a fight no matter how insurmountable the odds may be she believes that heroes who join teams are cowards and as such tends to fight by her lonesome relying on nothing more than her own strength and perseverance she is easily one of the strongest heroes in japan and very deserving of her placement as the number five hero thanks to her quirk she has rabbit-like abilities such as extremely heightened senses of smell and hearing as well as speed agility and killer kicks.

Rumi Usagiyama: The rabbit hero Mirko

Ryuko Tatsuma: The dragon Hero Ryuko is a former number 9 hero and current number 10 hero her quirk dragon is a self-explanatory one that allows her to transform into a giant reptilian creature akin to a western dragon however she cannot breathe fire she’s just big durable strong and capable of flight essentially gigantification with some additional perks which is really nice she is a very humble and well composed person and because of just how cool her quirk is she has been well supported as a hero despite being so young at only 26 years old she additionally has a soft spot for children and simply adores sparkly things.

Ryuko Tatsuma: The dragon Hero

Ryo Inui:  The hunting dog Hero hound dog is a lifestyle guidance counselor at U.A. high school he possesses the quirk dog which is not to be confused with geyanto maki’s version of the quirk we haven’t seen it in action enough to surmise the full extent of its capabilities but at the very least it does provide him with an extraordinary sense of smell and is the cause of his heteromorphic canine physique he speaks very aggressively growling and such even when he means well which is a very interesting composure for a guidance counselor to possess however the pursuit of this occupation could serve to exemplify these struggles he himself may have once faced providing a pretty unique perspective and at that i would love to see him interact with bakugou.

Ryo Inui:  The hunting dog Hero

Cow Lady is an American Hero featured in the first my hero academia film. my hero academia two heroes her Quirk allows her to transform into a sort of minotaur thus providing an increase to her strength.

Cow Lady is an American Hero

Kugo Sakamata: The killer Whale Hero gang orca is a former number 10 hero and current number 12 hero he is a character that tends to take things very seriously his frightening presence and appearance often make children cry which is something that troubles him deeply as he actually loves kids a whole lot thanks to his quirk or sinus beyond his enhanced speed and strength gang orca is able to produce hypersonic waves capable of paralyzing enemies however because of his killer whale like physique he is especially susceptible to extreme heat and the like and so he always has a water bottle with him at all times. 

Kugo Sakamata: The killer Whale Hero

The Snake HeroUwabami is arguably more of a celebrity than a hero but even still she never forgets her responsibilities as a hero and mostly participates in rescue missions she’s not exactly a powerful combatant but is undeniably useful when it comes to aiding in the capture of villains and that is because of her quirk serpent dress with it she has three living snakes as part of her hair whose senses are incredibly keen which makes uncovering the locations of villains or civilians in danger a lot easier the sea rescue hero selkie is a 6’4 humanoid spotted seal man who can either be cute or stern depending on the situation he is also the captain of the okie mariner crew a group of heroes that specialize in maritime missions and aid the coast guard with his quirk spotted seal both on land and in water selkie has enhanced strength and agility in the water especially his swimming speed is incredible and he additionally possesses an echolocation ability that allows him to search across vast distances for various things.


Snake HeroUwabami 

Sirius is a truly selfless Hero that works on the Oki Mariner Crew with her quirk good ear she is capable of hearing high frequency that most are unable to mick is one of selkie’s sidekicks also on the oki marina crew but besides his name there is not much to discuss there there’s the fly from the hero.


Sirius is a truly selfless Hero

Killer Arc although we don’t really know anything about him Godzillo is a hero originally from japan that for some reason moved to America a reference to the most recent Godzillo movie at the time being produced in the states and at that he is even voiced by Godzillo his quirk toho which is a reference to the company that only writes a Godzillo and co-produces a number of my hero academia works provides him the attributes of a kaiju and he can produce nutrients in his own body by way of photosynthesis.


Juzo Moashi also known as centipeder was once a sidekick of Sir Nighteye but has now become a successor taking over the agency his quirk centipede provides him with centipede-like limbs they are elongated and capable of coiling around targets while sporting venomous pincers. 

Juzo Moashi also known as centipeder

The lion hero Shishido is currently the number 13 hero thus far we’ve only seen him on a few occasions and so his quirk is still a mystery to us however Shishido was once a main character of “Kohei Horikoshi” previous work -“Oumagadoki Zoo“- zoo which also included characters like gang orca wash oobami.

The lion hero Shishido 

Keigo Takami :The wing Hero Hawks was born into an abusive household with a neglectful mother and a villain of a father his only sense of comfort being the endeavor doll his mother had gotten him and they’d only got an endeavor because all might was too expensive eventually Keigo’s father was apprehended by the real endeavor which inspired the young boy as this meant heroes were actually real with his quirk fierce wings hawks possesses massive red wings made up of several independently controlled feathers that possess blistering speed and enough strength to lift an average sized person by their lonesome with his incredible speed offensive and sensory capabilities hawks after saving several people from a deadly car crash as a child was recruited and trained to be a hero by the public safety commission from there he went on to form his own agency at the age of 18 and in the same year became the youngest hero to ever enter the top ten the previous holder of this title being endeavor four years later he became the number three hero and sometime after that the number two hawks is one of the most intelligent heroes in japan and willing to do just about anything to ensure the success of a mission.


Keigo Takami :The wing Hero Hawks

Big Red Dot his quirk tsunami allows him to produce great quantities of water from his mouth.

Big Red Dot his quirk tsunami 

Shino Sosaki As Mandalay is a member of the wild wild pussycats and she pretty much leads them as especially when it comes to rescue missions she is really good at giving directions and apparently she believes herself to have trouble getting close to people despite this her quirk telepath allows her to communicate with anyone by way of thought however this communication is strictly one way during combat she tends to speak in a person’s mind to throw them off and create an opening for herself.

Shino Sosaki As Mandalay

Ryuko Tsuchikawa or Bixie bob is a loud and hyperactive member of the wild wild pussycats she is the actual founder of the group as she advised it all the way back during their school days she also came up with the cat theme name and set up their office space with her quirk earth flow pixie bob can control and mold the earth around her into whatever she likes the range is crazy and she can break it all apart in an instant beyond that she can create what are known as earth beasts which are earthly golems that fight for her.


Ryuko Tsuchikawa or Bixie bob

Yawara Chatora or tiger is the only male member of the wild wild pussycats he is both incredibly macho and super goofy his quirk playa body allows her in human level of flexibility which is great for entering narrow passages he can stretch flatten and bend in ways that aren’t normally possible oh and he is also transgender having completed transitional journey in Thailand Tomoko Shiretoko or ragdoll is a former number 32 hero and the final member of the wild wild pussycats she is more hyperactive and eccentric than anyone else in the group and although she wasn’t the founder and isn’t the leader she was actually the one to first suggest that the four of them become a hero group together her former quirk was search an absurdly useful emitter quirk that allowed her to monitor hundreds of people at a time over incredible distances furthermore providing her information in regards to their location and weak points not to mention that this information is permanently stored after the fact a quirk that was stolen from her by all for one unfortunately water hose was a hero group consisting of a husband and a wife who both possessed water quirks one of which being the cousin of Mandalay however unfortunately the two would be killed in the field by the villain known as muscular.

Yawara Chatora or tiger

Sanjin Higawara: The sand hero snatch was a seasoned hero that felt strongly towards the sentiments of those directly impacted by the villainous escapades of others such as the families of murder victims a hero willing to sacrifice himself for the lives of others without a second thought his quirk was never officially named but allows him to transform his upper body into sand at will then being able to manipulate and shape it into different forms however snatch unfortunately met his end when faced against three members of the league of villains simultaneously.

 Hokuto Hario: Our Compass-Kid was a middle-aged hero who had a deep love and appreciation towards his wife and children and something that he wanted before he retired was for his children to think that he is a cool hero his quirk pointer allowed him to point in the direction of people places and things he was looking for after spinning in place with his arms and legs acting as pointers however he unfortunately pointed at the wrong villain and was horrifically blown up to where only his severed hand remained.


 Hokuto Hario

 Eye-Gun Hero: X-Less:  Was a long-range combatant that possessed the quirk laser which allowed him to fire energy beams from his right eye however he sadly died because he was very much within the range of Tomura Shigaraki native was a hero targeted by the hero Killer Stain but was ultimately saved by the likes of Deku, Shouto and Iida however it seems death refused to let this one out of its grasp as during the war arc native would be one of the many fatalities.

Eye-Gun Hero: X-Less

 Shield Hero: Crust was a very expressive man who deeply regretted not having been present for the “Kamino Incident” which led to the retirement of the symbol of peace all might thanks to his quirk shield crust was able to form rapidly multiplying stone-like hexagonal shields from his body that could vary in size depending on his desire these shields could furthermore be detached and thrown or used by others however these shields were more than simply defensive as they were incredibly sharp on their sides as well allowing for incredible offense thanks to this he was able to withstand the assault of several “Nomu” at once however even this valiant hero met his end in the war as he had sacrificed his very life to ensure the safety of a racer head.

Shield Hero: Crust

 Mirai Sasaki or ‘Sir Nighteyeii’ was once the sidekick of the symbol of peace all might he was an extremely business oriented man and seriously intimidating to most however he was also a massive fan of all mites going as far as to keep many collectables and memorabilia beyond possessing peak human physicality and a genius level intellect certain Sir Nighteyeii’ greatest claim to fame was his quirk foresight with it certain ii was capable of predicting a person’s future moves and actions for a whole hour however if activated by touching a target and making eye contact with them certain ii was further more able to observe a target’s future from a third person perspective almost like a flashback and these events could be several years ahead at that however the exact dates of such events were unknown to certain ii and so he could only provide rough summations that being said the future observed by this quirk of his had only ever been defied a single time this incredibly capable hero sadly met his end when facing off against the villain Overhaul and Makanagi the magic hero majestic was a promising hero with the potential to make it into the top 10. his quirk magic was an emitter type that allowed him to create rings of energy from his wrist capable of moving people or objects however he was crushed in Gigantomachia rampage and pronounced dead.

 Mirai Sasaki or ‘Sir Nighteyeii’ 

Nemuri Kayama: The R-rated Hero midnight was a Nemuri turned teacher who taught the oddly specific subject of modern hero art history but back when she was a student she wore an incredibly revealing costume one that she was not ashamed to wear as to her it was bold yet practical as it supported her quirk and allowed her to move rather freely in fact she believed that this attire of hers would be revolutionary and in a way she was right her costume actually led to legislation known as the hero costume skin exposure limitation act midnight was fun and flirtatious but serious and an incredible leader with an eye for talent when it was necessary with her quirk somnambulist she was capable of releasing a sleep sleep-inducing aroma from her skin that was even more effective on men than on women fun fact midnight was originally planned to be the homeroom teacher of class 1a however because ‘Kohei Horikoshi’ needed someone who could be stern with the kids he chose Eraser Head instead but even still a number of the children were still able to become close to her and the very same could be said for her friendly rivalry with mount lady as a young beauty however in her attempt to stop the rampage of legato machia and the league of villains which ultimately claimed the lives of thousands midnight did in fact have her life taken by some opportunistic villains.

Nemuri Kayama: The R-rated Hero

Hikage Shinomori was the 4th possessor of one for all prior to obtaining the power his original quirk was danger sense this allowed him to detect threats and allowed for subsequent reactions similar to that of a sixth sense because of this quirk Shinomori preferred to spend his time in seclusion away from others he was 22 years old when he inherited one for all but in knowing that he could not reasonably defeat all for one he put his faith into the future and spent a great deal of time strengthening the quirk through constant training however at the age of 40 he began to age rapidly and died soon after as unbeknownst to him at the time one for all was simply too powerful to be housed in a human body already in possession of a natural quirk having exceeded the point of singularity danger but prior to death in recognizing this he’d pass the quirk onto his successor Daigoro Banjo or Lariat was the fifth user of one for all a very passionate and spunky man Lariat’s original quirk was black whip this allowed him to create dark and tendrils of energy from any part of his body at will a quirk greatly empowered by anger that he considered to be top of the line and was the sixth user of one for all a reserved young man whose original quirk was smokescreen with it he could produce a thick cloud of smoke from his body capable of spreading across a large area obscuring the vision of others.

Hikage Shinomori was the 4th possessor of one for all

 Nana Shimurawas: The seventh user of one for all mentor of all might and grandmother of the villain Shigaraki, this beautiful kind and ever selfless hero was a fan of romantics and justice in fact it was from her that almight’s ever popular stance on true heroics and a smile originated she was practically a mother to him a role towards her birth son that she had relinquished in fear of all for one discovering and threatening his life what was the most painful decision of her life and one that she would express regret towards even beyond it original quirk was one by the name of float which as the name implies allowed her to suspend herself in mid air and float.

Nana Shimurawas: The seventh user of one for all

 Sorahiko Torino or ‘Gran Torino’ is a now retired pro hero and former U.A. homeroom teacher in his youth he was incredibly close to Nana Shimurawas and served as a fellow mentor of all might despite his now shrunken stature in his prime he was around six foot six as a teacher Gran Torino was incredibly forceful and demanding but thanks to this his mentees would see major results and improvements the cork jet allows Gran Torino to release air from the soles of his feet thus allowing him to move incredibly fast dashing from all over the air used to fuel this jet is his very own breath and with it Gran Torino has become one of the fastest pro heroes around even in retirement. 

Sorahiko Torino or ‘Gran Torino’

Mr. Brave is a Hero with the quirk hair razor with it he can pull hair from his own head to be extended grown and hearted from there being able to turn them into weapons and or tools he greatly fears the potential of a receding hairline but even still would not hesitate to use every last strand on his head for the sake of protecting others.


Mr. Brave is a Hero with the quirk hair razor

Yu Takeyama: The Mineyama Hero- Mount lady is a number 23 hero and a member of the lurkers originally being somewhat of a shallow hero during her debut mount lady has since then matured greatly in the field she established her own hero agency at a young age and her resolved cases and popularity would continue to rise steadily however on account of her quirk gigantification and its ability to increase her size to 67 foot six she has a habit of causing destruction herself by accident making her life not very financially secure.

Yu Takeyama: The Mineyama Hero

Shinji Nishiya” or Kamui Woods is the number seven hero and a member of the lurkers and in being invited to join the group by a senior ed shot he apparently cried tears of joy for two hours straight as it turns out the backstory of his early childhood is an incredibly compelling one so much so that he absolutely exploded in popularity when the story was made into a documentary there are even those who herald him to be the one who will usher in the next generation of heroes thanks to his quirk arbor Kamui Woods can generate and control wood from any part of his body what mostly acts as a binding.

Shinji Nishiya” or Kamui Woods

 Agent Shinya Kamihara: The ninja hero headshot is a former number 5 and current number 4 hero and leader of the lurkers he is one of very few professional heroes whose identity has actually remained a secret because he is just that mysterious and people absolutely love the guy because who doesn’t love ninjas and i mean headshot is a ninja through and through his quirk fold-a-body is a transformation quirk that allows him to manipulate the thinness of his body and allows him to stretch his limbs and he is so highly trained in this regard that he can transform faster than the speed of sound he can pass through doors and even pierce his opponent’s organs all while remaining undetected by cutting off the blood flow to a person’s brain he can knock them unconscious in an instant the equipped.


 Agent Shinya Kamihara:

Hero Yoroi Musha is a former number nine hero very little is known about this old man not even his quirk and this is unlikely to change as following the events of the war arc he retired from heroics much to the dismay of the general public the laundry hero wash is the number 8 hero with a popularity which may be attributed to his market ability as a mascot for clean and shiny commercials he’s usually a very child friendly hero speaking like a Pokémon saying things like washa but when the world began to fall apart and civilians clearly weren’t very appreciative of that sort of presence he quickly broke out of character and began to speak in proper sentences his quirk has not yet been provided an official name but with it he can create sizeable soap bubbles capable of lifting things elsewhere.

Hero Yoroi Musha is a former number nine hero

 Backdraft is a Hero that specifically works in coordination with the Musutafu Fire Department his quirk water pump allows him to shoot water from the host spigots he has for hands and this water can be controlled pretty well as he can create various shapes with it.

 Backdraft is a Hero Musutafu Fire Department

 Kaoruko Awata or ‘Bubble Girl’ was once the sidekick of Sir Nighteye and still works at his hero agency to this day her quirk bubble is an emitter type that she mostly uses for the sake of blinding distractions and at that she can either make sweet or foul smelling ones fun fact bubble girl’s design came from the winner of a fan art contest and at the time she was designed to be a U.A. student.


Kaoruko Awata or ‘Bubble Girl’

 Masaki Mizushima: The normal Hero manual is the number 222 hero based in Hosu city this guy is the epitome of normal and average his quirk is yet to be named but we do know that he can control and create water the chivalrous hero fourth kind is a close quarters combatant who possesses a calm and collected nature that is perfectly suited to come up with basic tactics his quirk quad arms provides him an extra set of arms thus increasing his strength.

 Masaki Mizushima: The normal Hero

The battle Hero Gunhead has a Hero agency that specializes in armed combat to the point where he has his own fighting style of martial arts he also apparently has a very cute personality thanks to his quirk gatling gun head possesses gun-like organs on his arms that shoot out claw-like projectiles made of keratin the very same protein found in hair horns claws and even feathers but again Gunhead specializes in hand-to-hand combat and so this quirk of his is typically used for the sake of warning shots the buster hero air jet is a hero with a signature jetpack support item the name of his quirk is unknown to us however he is able to shoot blasts of air.

The battle Hero Gunhead

 The Chivalrous Hero: “Crimson Riot’s” possesses a quirk that allows him to harden his hair it is his personal philosophy that will power is more important than a person’s quirk furthermore believing manliness to be a state of mind and determination that is far from gender exclusive and can be found in women just as much as men early into his hero career crimson riot recalls an incident where a mere moment’s hesitation on his end led to the subsequent deaths of some civilians this traumatic experience made him value the lives of the innocent above even his own as he was afraid to see such a thing ever happen again and interestingly enough it is that very same fear that gave him a reputation as a fearless hero.

 The Chivalrous Hero: “Crimson Riot’s” 

 Amplifier is a Hero present in the first film with. the cork yellow which allowed her to project her voice across great distances like a human.


 Amplifier is a Hero

 Nyikangis a Sudanese Hero with the quark spirit possession which allows him to shift his consciousness into spiritual energy which can then be sent towards a target to possess them pan creation is a Greek hero with the quark power which provides him incredible physical strength.

 Nihang is a Sudanese Hero

 Claire Voyance is a Hero from my hero academia movie 3 world heroes mission with the quirk Clairvoyance which allows her to see through anything in her view x was a bumble bee looking hero with the cory x-ray although we have no idea what the power actually does.

 Claire Voyance is a Hero from my hero academia movie 3

Mr. Plastic has a quirk plastic transformation but again we don’t know anything about it beyond the name takashita is a former classmate of gentlecriminal although we don’t know anything about the guy beyond that.


Mr. Plastic has a quirk plastic transformation

Kesagiri Man is a Hero that horikoshi for some reason or another decided to elaborate on to the point where we know that his favorite food is fried chicken yet we have no idea what his quirk.

Kesagiri Man is a Hero

The Baseball Hero: Slugger but we don’t know a thing about the guy.

Baseball Hero: Slugger

Christopher Skyline: The playboy hero Captain celebrity is America’s top ranked hero he possesses a great desire for attention and praise and was overly confident despite being married the guy was a major flirt his birthday is the 4th of July and his favorite foods are hamburgers and steak he possesses the quirk known as flight this allows captain celebrity to both levitate and fly at incredible speeds it furthermore coats him and who or whatever he’s in contact with with an aerodynamic barrier that protects against cold heat and physical harm however the more he coats the less physically capable these defenses become not to mention he also boasts superhuman strength capable of lifting an entire cruise ship or even the Tokyo sky egg with 50 000 occupants by his lonesome on account of his telekinetic energy boosts this is one of the most influential heroes we currently know of and is far stronger than the overwhelming majority of Japanese’s ones mostly having only been outshined by all might himself however unlike almight captain celebrity is not opposed to accepting health and assistance has a wife and child and a life beyond heroics.


Christopher Skyline

 Salaam is a Hero from Egypt with an odd aura about him that puts citizens at ease when they see him fight however some reason nobody has ever seen his back salon possesses the core papyrus which allows him to turn his body paper thin.

 Salaam is a Hero from Egypt 

Electoplant  is an American Hero with the quirk electricity generation which allows him to produce and manipulate electricity and even aim their discharges for long range attacks.

Electoplant  is an American Hero

Emi Fukukado:  The Smile Hero: Ms. Joke is a hero and a teacher of ketsubutsu academy’s second year class 2. she is a super goofy and outgoing character that can be very playful with a teasing nature her quirk outburst is an emitter type that forces nearby targets to burst into laughing fits so intense that their motor and cognitive skills are dulled which she then tends to follow up with a physical assault.


Emi Fukukado:  The Smile Hero: Ms. Joke

Taishiro Toyomitsu: The BMI Hero: Fat Gum is a number 58 hero having observed all might in action firsthand back when he was still a rookie fat gum was inspired to eat much more and put on a lot more weight for the sake of empowering his own quirk which has led to his current figure the guy is pretty much always hungry and is overall super friendly but certainly capable of being very serious when the situation calls for it he possesses the quirk fat absorption he can suck people and objects into his body fat which envelops them he is incredibly resilient to physical attacks and can even absorb the kinetic force behind such attacks for the sake of releasing a single supercharged counter-attack however doing so burns a whole lot of fat thus lessening his defenses by a considerable degree making it an all or nothing final gambit of sorts. 

Taishiro Toyomitsu: The BMI Hero: Fat Gum

Tenma Nakaoji or His Purple Highness is an especially flamboyant hero with exaggerated reactions that takes heroism quite seriously his quirk chest hair is an emitter type that not much is known about however with quirks manifesting at around age 4 or so i imagine that that was a pretty odd development 

Tenma Nakaoji or His Purple Highness 

Ken Takagi: The “Lock Hero Rock Lock” is a very straightforward and blunt man that ultimately means very well and has strong feelings towards children being involved in dangerous situations as he himself has recently become a father his quirk locked down allows him to affix objects into a particular point in space rendering them immobile and this is done thanks to the key teeth protrusions on his fingers.


Ken Takagi: The “Lock Hero Rock Lock”

Tensei Ida: The  Turbo Hero: Ingenium was an easy going and helpful hero who continued the heroic line of his family as he wanted to be cool and help those in need he became an independent hero at a young age with several sidekicks under his mantle thanks to his hero agency team eta 10. he possesses the same quirk as his younger brother Iida with the exception that the engine like protrusions he possesses are located in his arms as opposed to his legs that and he doesn’t seem to possess different gears and instead hits maximum speeds in an instant however this does make it difficult for him to hit the brakes and turn while moving this fast and so he had airbags installed into his hero costume however Tensei would have his hero career ended by the Hero Killer Stain who had severely injured him big shot is an overweight. member of team Iida 10 and his design was actually submitted by a fan Onemu Shinya is a member of team Ida10 who we don’t know much at all about beyond the fact that she is typically drowsy and this is another character design submitted by a fan enigma is a member of team Iida 10 whose yet unnamed quirk allows her to increase her body mass turning into a sort of blob like form from here she can become bigger than a residential building with a rubbery body which allows her to stretch and contract this also protects her from incoming attacks and she can furthermore create smaller clones of this form and use them as drones.

Tensei Ida: The  Turbo Hero: Ingenium 

 Iwao Oguro: Formerly known as a High-Speed Hero: O’Clock or Hyper Quadfist in china would sometimes fly solo and other times worked in tandem with the police but regardless he was especially known to have taken down an impressive number of villainous organizations his quark o’clock allowed him to move at extreme speeds to the point where it was as if nothing was moving at all however the true virtue of this quirk was a stimulation of one’s own brain speeding a perception and thoughts relative to everything else he could move at speeds 3 to 10 times faster than normal regularly dozens of times faster during fight or flight responses or even so fast that the world seems to be frozen he could see hear and think at hyper speed however the heroic career of o’clock would be concluded when his quirk was stolen by “All for one” but even despite this he would eventually resume crime fighting despite being quirkless but then instead of being a hero he became a vigilante death arms was among the very first heroes we had ever seen in the series boasting a yet unnamed strength enhancement quirk however to follow the events of the war arc and the overwhelming criticism of the populist wars hero he came to terms with the truth that he was in fact not a hero but rather just a man and retired.

High-Speed Hero: O’Clock 

Chuni Hero: Odd Eye is a hero that adores any and everything related to darkness and has a particular attraction towards the arcane and magical what is evident from his attire that of his sidekicks and even the interior of his agency his quirk involuntary revelation makes it so that when he touches someone they are forced to expose things that they do not want others to know or embarrassing things about their past that they wish to hide however the counter to this quirk is willpower and so regardless of how shameful a secret may be if someone has enough willpower they can avoid divulging any such information.


 or  Mister Blaster, was once a student of U.A. class 2b a very arrogant guy who as a student believed himself to be the very best while harboring animosity towards those he’d considered weak his quirk blast allows him to shoot several blasts of energy from his palms very rapidly that pack a whole lot of stopping power.

Sensoji or  Mister Blaster,

Tsunagu Hakamada:  The fiber hero best genius is a former number four and current number three hero and is actually a U.A. alumni he is a flamboyant brave and highly respected hero his quark fighter master is one of the strongest as it allows him to control all types of cloth while denim is easiest to do this with whereas sweats are the hardest and at that he can even manipulate carbon fibers as well with it he has been able to momentarily bind even the likes of all for one and Gigantomachia.

Tsunagu Hakamada

 Enji Todoroki: The flame hero ‘Endeavor’ became the number two hero at the incredibly young age of 20 and remained stuck in that position for the next quarter century having been unable to surpass all might despite this with almighty’s retirement he did in fact become the number one hero during his hero career Endeavor had resolved the most cases in the country’s history however in his obsession with surpassing all might all while recognizing his own limitations he decided to sire a child who could in arranging a quirk marriage with Rei Todoroki who possessed a ice quirk the two produced a total of four children until Endeavor was satisfied with the results all while being more and more oppressive obsessive and abusive towards this family of his however to follow the retirement of all might his character began to shift towards a genuine care for those he had hurt for so long Endeavor’s quirk half-flame allows him to make use of extremely powerful pyrokinetic abilities with it he has developed a vast array of techniques and super moves chief among them being flash fire wherein his flames are brought to their maximum heat and intensity for the sake of vaporizing a desired target Onima is one of Endeavor’s many sidekicks and although we don’t know what his quirk is we do know that it is not actually fire based kido is a sidekick of endeavors with the quirk Traject which allows him to manipulate the trajectory of anything that passes through his bandages.

Enji Todoroki: The flame hero ‘Endeavor’

Moe Kamiji or Burnin is perhaps the most prominent sidekick of endeavors she possesses a very fiery personality and absolutely loves festivals her quirk blazing hair allows her to control the flames on her head and she mostly uses it by grabbing hold of some of her hair then hurling them like fireballs and apparently she can use the flames to fly somehow although we have yet to see as such just yet.


Chiyo Shuzenji: The Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl is a nurse at U.A. and has fulfilled this role for over four years now and so at this point she is considered to be the backbone of the school i mean she is so in the know in fact that she is one of the very few people that knew about one for all prior to its exposure she is a really sweet old lady who loves candy her cork heel allows her to amplify and speed up the healing process of others by kissing them making it so the injuries that would take months to heal are instead healed in mere seconds and this quirk of hers is so rare and valuable that she often visits hospitals in the area to help out and as such she has a pretty busy life ectoplasm is a math teacher at U.A. that apparently likes karaoke in the past a villain took his legs and so he now wears a special lightweight combat prosthetic while wearing his costume and regular ones while in casual wear his quirk clones is an emitter type that allows him to release a substance from his mouth which is then shaped into up to 30 clones of himself at a time or 36 if he is in a good mood.

Sekijiro Kan: The Blood Hero: Vlad King is the homeroom teacher of class 1b who especially likes tomatoes and cheese he also has a dog and is one of the very few people that can understand hound dog having apparently been in the same class together when they went to ua as children and Vlad also gets along pretty well with his students his quirk blood control allows him to manipulate his own blood once it has left his body and produces an excess amount without issue and he can even harden the blood snipe is a hero in charge of U.A. third year students he’s the second best marksman in the country on account of his quark homing which allows him to lock onto any target he can see within 600 meters of himself with homing shots although he cannot decide which part of the target’s body his projectiles hit and so they do not pack much of a punch. 

Sekijiro Kan: The Blood Hero: Vlad King 

Higari Maijima: The Excavation Hero: Power Loader is a faculty member of U.A. high school and responsible for the school’s costume development studio as a licensed developer he is even regarded as a prodigy considering he is capable of creating support items by his lonesome he also has an insecurity regarding his height his quirk iron claws causes the end of his fingers to possess metallic claws which he may then use to burrow underground like a mole the cook hero lunch rush is the head chef of U.S. cafeteria six years ago he had prepared a full course french meal for 10 000 victims of a typhoon all by himself.


Higari Maijima: The Excavation Hero: Power Loader

Ken Ishiyama or “Cementoss”  teaches modern literature at U.A. his quirk cement allows him to manipulate cement-based materials while in contact with the surface and can shape it however he wants to in ways that may either be defensive or offensive the space hero 13 is a hero that specializes in search and rescue operations her quirk black hole allows her to create small black holes from her fingers sucking in and disintegrating matter at the atomic level as well as different forms of energy like light however because her quirk is so absurdly lethal she refrains from using it in that way not to mention that she runs the risk of even destroying herself with it if she is not especially careful since losing her left arm to shigaraki this power is now limited to her right hand only.

Ken Ishiyama or “Cementoss” 

 Hizashi Yamada: The Voice Hero: Present Mic is an English teacher at U.A. and quite the eccentric loudmouth at that his favorite food is fried chicken he loves radio and television and has a horrible fear of insects he also has a radio show where he plays non-stop music every Friday night called put your hands up radio and he too once went to U.A. being in the same class as a racer head his quirk voice allows him to increase the volume of his voice and create extremely loud and even high-pitched sounds fun fact he was originally intended to be a fat old man that would do school announcements but horikoshi figured it would be too boring and so he went in the complete opposite direction.

Hizashi Yamada: The Voice Hero: Present Mic

Shota Aizawa: The Erasure Hero: Eraser Head is the homeroom teacher of U.A. class 1a a job he was convinced to take on by his childhood friends present mike and midnight and he is very strict with his students because he had lost a classmate and close friend of his in the field when he was younger he is so strict in fact that he actually expelled an entire class before however he did actually re-enroll them afterwards doing so for the sake of scaring them all and making them take heroism seriously he is a simple man that likes cats and his quirk erasure is one of the most useful in the series as it allows him to disable a person’s quirk factor so long as he continues looking at them thus making him a difficult adversary for the vast majority of characters regardless of their own strength he also uses a unique fighting style which includes binding cloth that took him six years to master but finally to close out this crazy long list of heroes.


Shota Aizawa: The Erasure Hero: Eraser Head

Toshinori Yagi:  The former number one Hero for decades and the world symbol of peace All Might revere to once be the world’s greatest hero Toshinori was actually born quirkless during a time where evil was ever present due to the influence of all for one crime was rampant and so this young man decided to rise to the occasion and bring back hope to the people while driving out evil as a teenager he met Nana Shimura and conveyed his ideals to her that what the world needed was a symbol of peace to usher in a new age and he believed that he could do just this despite being powerless in this superhuman society and with such strong conviction shimmer nana believed in him and eventually passed the quirk one for all down to him making him the eighth user of the power and with it he entered U.A. high school with Gran Torino as his homeroom teacher and was actually strong enough to make full use of the cork at 100 from the very beginning after losing his master to all for one and graduating from U.A. all might fled to America and when he returned he did just as he had promised his late master and was able to bring the crime rate down to below six percent and become the symbol of peace and eventually he’d become the first user of the power to defeat all for one but in the process suffered irreparable damage thus making his search for a successor and ever important one as all for one would certainly rise again to claim the power but there you have it guys this is every professional hero in My Hero Academia.

Toshinori Yagi:  The former number one Hero
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Nami Is Imus Daughter Theory | Who is Nami Real Parents?



Nami Is Imus Daughter Theory

In One Piece, there are many of secret information, and not many characters are as mysterious as Nami who is the smart navigator who is a part of the Straw Hat Pirates group. The latest fan theories have shown a different perspective and might be off the net of Imu, the World Government’s shadow ruler, and a lineage that can change her fate.

Nami and Imu: Nami Is Imu’s Daughter?

‘Nami’ is named so after ‘wave’ in Japanese, while ‘Imu’ spelled backward is ‘Umi’, which means ‘sea. ‘” This lingual link has been feeding the rumors that Nami may be Imu’s daughter or a direct descendant. The sea, in addition to being free and powerful, is a constant sign that emboldens the above mentioned hypothesis.

Descendant of House Nerona: Trip to the Stars: A Celestial Bond?

Some theories claim that Nami might be from the House Nerona, which is an old family that could be linked to Imu himself. This would make her a Celestial Dragon of the so called One Piece gods. Nevertheless, her simple origin and strong will offer a contrast to the noble arena she found herself in, thereby creating a puzzle from her past and about how she became Bellemere’s adopted child.


Nami, Imu, and the Forces of Nature: A Bond of Interconnectedness?

Nami’s weather control ability and Imu’s weapons of mass destruction preoccupation hint a mutual fascination to wield overpowering forces. This connection may be only a coincidence or a clue to the presence of the deeper and hidden bond of two characters.

Orphan of War: A Tragic History?

A different theory implies that Nami might be an orphan, coming from the kingdom of Oykot. A heart-rending history of her difficulties would, in addition, justify her fierce fight for the sake of the ones she loves. Although it is not as fantastic as the others, this theory still provide a strong narrative and resonates with Nami’s fighting spirit.

Unraveling the Mystery: What Does the Future Hold?

The unknown fact of her parents is history though, creating the interest for her character. Everyideology offers entirely different route to her mission; the World Government may disapprove her or she will come back where she belongs.


The Search for Answers: However, the city has Oda’s Masterplan as a base for the future development and growth.

As time flows and the story of One Piece gets to its end, we look forward to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the exciting yet intriguing plot, to finally reveal the mystery of Nami’s past. Whether she is Imu’s daughter, a Celestial Dragon in disguise, a war orphan or had to leave home, the exploration of her origin would have far-reaching consequences on the course of the story. We will not enjoy the final answer before the due date, yet the curiosity and expectation are already rewarded.

Imu Connection: A Little More Than Representing a Name

The linguistic association ‘Nami’ (wave) and ‘Umi’ (sea, the reverse spelling of ‘Imu’) is relatively physical, but that is only one of many layers of the language of the universe. The weather god might have the potential to manipulate different kinds of weapons to destroy the world as some fans argue that the existence of both Nami’s climatological expertise and Imu is suspicious. This ability comes from the Imu family members. Is it a rare or hereditary power that is passed down?


Additionally, they prove themselves to possess not only will but also skillful leadership competencies. Nami’s mind-blowing composure to help others and her imagination in the technique of navigating is what Imu’s command and his ambition are made up of. These is similarities in these features makes questions about a genetic relationship arise.

The Celestial Dragon Theory: Fumbling Destinies

Name is rumored to be a relative of the Nerona family, and, besides, she is a Celestial Dragon like her. This theory is becoming more and more relevant in circulation. Along with this, the sentence indicates that Nami might have been drawn out from an unmentioned disaster, which Bellemere survived and took care of Nami by herself. This attitude of Bellemere demonstrates the purity of love she has for Nami who is with her to the end and not by blood.

If this theory is valid, it means that there might be severe consequences for future of One Piece. Nami, the charismatic leader of the revolution, would find herself at odds with the Celestial Dragons elite, the symbol of repression and privilege. This internal debate could resolve itself in a great clash with the World Government and her new awareness of her fate.


The Weather Manipulation Connection: Deep Meaning?

The weather wizardry skill of Nami the Straw Hat Pirates becomes indispensable. Certain fans are of the opinion that this talent is simply skill more than a hidden power from her bloodline. Is this power possibly related to the mythical weapon manipulation of Imu over the weather of the planet?

Unresolved Questions and New Possibilities

The secret of Nami’s origins has become the source of discussion among One Piece admirers. So far, no final explanations have been given, but as the theories develop, they add new and captivating dimensions to Nami’s personality and the story of One Piece.

We can foresee further clues and revelations which will clear up the mystery of Nami’s real identity as the story goes on. Whatever Imu’s heir is she may turn out to be, either a Celestial Dragon or an orphan of war, her story of self-discovery is set to be a gripping and heart-rending journey.



Nami’s past is full of puzzles with some missing parts and whether Nami Is Imus Daughter Theory or mysteriously linked to the main plot of the One Piece saga. In the meantime, the discussion and theory around who Nami might be add depth to the story and heighten our anticipation for the journeys ahead.

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Beyond Sage Mode: The Potential of Timeskip Mitsuki



Beyond Sage Mode:  The Potential of Timeskip Mitsuki

Ah, Mitsuki, the enigmatic snake sage-in-training with a mysterious past and hidden depths. After the Boruto time skip, whispers of his power have fans on the edge of their seats, wondering: “Just how strong is he now?” Buckle up, fellow Shinobi enthusiasts, because we’re diving into the murky waters of Mitsuki’s potential, analyzing his evolution and peering into the shadows of his true strength.

1. Sage Mode Reimagined: Let’s not forget his signature Sage Transformation. Rumors swirl that Mitsuki’s control over nature has reached unheard-of levels, allowing him to access Sage Mode without the telltale toad features. Imagine, unleashing the power of nature without sacrificing stealth or speed – a terrifying prospect for any opponent.

2. Soul Manipulation Theory: This one gets juicy. Some fans theorize that Mitsuki wields a unique ability – soul manipulation. While the extent and purpose remain ambiguous, the possibility of him mending souls or even swapping them adds a thrilling layer of complexity to his character. Could he be the key to reviving fallen comrades or even reforming corrupted souls?


3. Enhanced Body and Mind: The time skip hasn’t been kind to just your average Genin. Mitsuki, blessed with Orochimaru’s genetic tinkering, has likely undergone physical and mental enhancements. Think sharper reflexes, heightened senses, and a chakra pool that would make Kakashi blush. This potent cocktail of natural talent and scientific augmentation makes him a force to be reckoned with.

4. Beyond Brute Force: Mitsuki’s strength isn’t just about fists and flashy jutsu. His analytical mind and tactical prowess make him a cunning strategist. Remember his clever escape from Konohagakure? That wasn’t just luck, folks. This intellectual edge paired with his potent abilities positions him as a formidable player in the ninja world.

5. Unanswered Questions and Hidden Power: The beauty of Mitsuki’s potential lies in its mystery. We haven’t even glimpsed the full extent of his Orochimaru-honed arsenal, nor do we fully understand the depths of his soul manipulation abilities. His motivations, shrouded in secrecy, add another layer of intrigue. Is he truly devoted to Boruto, or does a hidden agenda lurk beneath his calm demeanor?


One thing’s for sure: Timeskip Mitsuki is no longer the playful sidekick. He’s a force to be reckoned with, a potential powerhouse with abilities both familiar and unknown. Whether he’ll embrace the path of heroism or succumb to the shadows remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, watching his journey unfold promises to be a heart-pounding, mind-bending ride.

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Get Pumped for the Divine Visionary Arc with Creepy Nuts’ “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born”!



Mashle: Magic and Muscles - Get Pumped for the Divine Visionary Arc with Creepy Nuts' "Bling-Bang-Bang-Born"!

Hey, fellow otaku comrades! Prepare to unleash your inner musclehead wizard because the Divine Visionary Arc of Mashle: Magic and Muscles has arrived, and the opening song, “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” by Creepy Nuts, is pure hype fuel! Let’s break down why this banger is the perfect soundtrack to Mashle’s explosive new season.

1. Pumping Beats of Power: From the first thundering bass drop, “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” grabs you by the pecs and throws you into Mashle’s world of magic mayhem. The aggressive rap verses mirror Mashle’s own no-nonsense attitude, while the catchy chorus explodes with an infectious energy that’ll have you air-punching like you’re throwing down with a muscle-headed mage yourself.


2. Lyrics that Pack a Punch: Creepy Nuts ain’t just spitting fire, they’re dropping wisdom bombs. The lyrics capture the essence of Mashle’s journey, with lines like “Rewrite the rules, break the chains, rise above” echoing his defiance against the magical elite. You’ll be chanting along, feeling inspired to crush your obstacles, gym or classroom alike.

3. A Throwback to Classic Anime Themes: Remember those iconic 90s anime openings that got your blood pumping before every episode? “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” channels that same energy, with a modern twist. The guitar riffs scream Dragon Ball Z, the synth melodies whisper Neon Genesis Evangelion and the overall vibe is an epic mashup of nostalgia and fresh fire.

4. An Oda to Mashle’s Quirky Charm: This song isn’t just pure hype, it also captures the humor and absurdity that makes Mashle so special. The lyrics playfully jab at magical elitism and celebrate individuality, perfectly reflecting our muscle-bound hero’s unique brand of badassery. You’ll be giggling and headbanging in equal measure, guaranteed.


5. A Gateway to Anime Awesomeness: If you haven’t jumped on the Mashle train yet, “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” is your ticket to ride. This opening is a sonic punch to the gut, a visual feast of animation, and a perfect introduction to Mashle’s wacky world of magic and mayhem. Trust me, otaku comrade, you don’t want to miss this.

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