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Black Clover Chapter 302-NOZEL RETURNS

 All right guys so this latest chapter of black clover was just way too good there is just so much greatness to unpack here so if you end up enjoying this review. 

The previous chapter Asta had just barely managed to save Lolopechka from being detonated by Megicula’s exploding life spell however Asta was still in pain from his previous battle and was not yet ready to make use of delta union mode once more now Megicula in recognizing Asta to be the anti-match user she had heard so much about previously would stop playing around and would immediately go for the kill on Lolopechka and veronica for the sake of her own complete manifestation however this desire of hers would not come to fruition as she would be countered by none other than charlotte and her briar magic what was incredibly surprising to Megicula as she should have been dead not only that but her magic was actually increasing and this was all thanks to the efforts of Rill and his Twilight of Valhalla spell which serves to boost the magic of his companions within range but also makes them unkillable for its duration no matter what damage they sustain and in retaliation against this Megicula would call forth those who had been sacrificed for the sake of entertaining her and Vanica in the past that remained dormant beneath the tower now imbuing them with devilish power steel magic from Acier  silva and blood magic from.

 Vanica she had 100 of these despicable soldiers at her beck and call now as this full-blown war broke out the water spirit Undine would be able to come to form yet again thanks to her placement of charlotte’s roses within herself and like we’ve already said Asta  was of no use here but then again him simply being here was enough to strengthen noel’s resolve and this was enough for noel to come to terms with her true feelings that she is actually in love with Asta but this is a battlefield and Megicula needed to be destroyed and so she would enter her spirit Valkyrie dress once more to do so with this latest chapter Asta was in awe of this new form noel had assumed as noel herself would tell him to Megicula in the meanwhile but now in her way there were of course a number of Megicula forces and in recognizing this Undine would make it clear that they did not possess enough energy remaining to take on this army with sane stage but just then real would provide a bit of support by way of his picture magic lord of Valhalla and with Norse Mythology having such a major influence over real’s artwork this could very well be Norse the god of wind and sea based on the power he employs here and such and at that i wonder if real will ever expand such influences to other cultural works as well such as Japanese’s myths and such but listen man yet again real continues to be the MVP of the chapter as is twilight of Valhalla spell is by far the best support spell we have ever seen in the series thus far I’ve seriously gone from underwhelmed by this guy to absurdly impressed and I’m just overall very happy with how he’s performing on this grand stage here he knew just how vital charlotte and noel were in this fight as anti-cursed practitioners and so he was willing to give his all to support them and when real is in the midst of inspiration he straight up looks like a madman real is truly living his best life with no regrets doing what he loves we would then have charlotte going hard with the true briar magic what is known as scarlet braided beautiful battle spear so yeah everyone is giving it their all right now and is just so cool to see now charging forwards towards Megicula as well the matron of curses herself would now recognize that in the midst of intense battle and adversity humans are capable of further evolution she would additionally raise her hands causing her heinous amalgams of blood and steel to congeal and fuse with one another to form even larger golems of devilish wrath and at that humans truly were the greatest creature to toy with and again noel could not afford to confront these foot soldiers if she were to take down Megicula  here so things were not looking so good but in a flash out of nowhere we would have luck would easily blitz through the form of this creature destroying it in an instant which is so crazy because of just how powerful these creatures presumably must be for one as big as this we’re looking at something like a middle tier devil but hey luck already bodied a few of those before this just as quickly so nothing to be surprised about there and noel was absolutely delighted to see him join the fray as he would furthermore urge her to follow his lead as he intended to clear a path for her and all of this teamwork was so wonderful that real was only becoming more and more inspired as he would consider how much better this picture would be with just one more guiding light as a path would be cleared through the roses towards a single point and from it Gaja would arise once more and the very moment he did he would immediately raise a hand upwards to set up some Astrauza lightning runes all over the room he would then investigate himself briefly and conclude that he was already as good as dead but thanks to this opportunity he would be able to fight for the sake of his queen just a bit longer now to elaborate on what’s going on here just a bit again the power of twilight Valhalla is incredible as it denies death despite damage suffered so yes Gaja is back but only momentarily as like real said once his spell concludes any damage suffered will be experienced so that gaping hole in Gaja’s body is going to be a problem once this is all over like unless a means of obscene healing enters the fray not only is Gaja in serious trouble but the same may be said for the likes of rill and charlotte as if it wasn’t for this spell they would more than likely be knocking at death’s door and to that I for one feel the need to point out the remaining members of the black bulls yet to engage in these conflicts particularly in the case of grey grey’s magic as we know it is a sort of transformation magic that may be applied to both herself and others however to follow the events of Yami’s capture it was deduced that grey’s magic is in fact something else entirely something that has yet to be disclosed to us just yet right now this is an exceedingly team-oriented conflict meaning we will need all the assistance we can get especially considering the regenerative capabilities of all these high ranking devils but anyways in seeing his friend luck would come to the side of Gaja as a fellow user of lightning magic the two would then prepare and push onwards together and this is just insane notice the runes Gaja had prepared putting in that work simultaneously this is truly an epic battle and this push of power was enough to do a number on Megicula’s who was completely torn apart just as noel came in to finish up the job and here if you notice noel plunges her sword inwards to the fiend with a single hand in use as the other had previously been injured by Megicula’s curse magic but here Megicula’s barrier prevented her from delivering the final blow and to this noel would release a furious battle cry as Megicula continued to regenerate she would admit that although her body was presently imperfect she was no doubt impressed by how well they had all thought to this point however as expected this was the extent of their capabilities but as noel struggled to plunge her sword inwards just past her face would fall feathers made of mercury and suddenly there would be an enclosure of mercury forming around her this was the silver star of execution a spell familiar to noel as the voice of its creator would curse Megicula’s for showing herself before their family once again as standing a top his silver eagle.

It was Nozel silva brother of Noelle and son of the mighty Acier the moment he had been waiting for oh so long was right before him as he would now find vengeance against the very creature that claimed his dear mother’s life and that was the chapter hype hype hype you guys already know noel is my favorite character but listen Noelle has always been up there for me too this man has one of the coolest character designs in the entire series with such a cool form of magic and i am certainly here for this sibling revenge story I mean remember he was literally there when his mother fought against veronica and he held on to an infantile Noelle and to be fair if they weren’t there perhaps their mother would not have died but good lord are these high ranking devils overpowered i mean consider just how much simultaneous casting we have seen from Megicula’s thus far and to such a grandiose extent but even more than that we have seven high tier mages the water spirit Undine and to a lesser extent an anti-magic devil in the form of Libe(Devil) struggling to take her down to only a third of her true power oh and she’s not even in the big three of supreme devils as those of time space and gravity possess those positions black clover is seriously playing no games right now and I love it man the action is intense and also detailed i mean Yūki Tabata is such a subtly ingenious mangaka that I feel he doesn’t get the proper credit or respect that he does in fact deserve but if nothing else I for one appreciate all that he provides to us with black clover.

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  • 9 August 2021

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