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Bakugo confess his feelings to Deku : Chapter 322

Bakugo confess his feelings to Deku : Chapter 322 

All right guys so this latest chapter of my hero academia was a very special one, I mean this was no doubt one of the most important chapters in the history of the series this far as it addresses concepts presented to us with the very first chapter and introduces some pretty interesting implications for the remainder of the story if you are really enjoying my here academia right now.

MHA: Chapter 322

The previous chapter having apprehended the villain known as dictator during the very beginning of their encounter with Deku, Kirishima, Invisible girl and Aoyama would pass him off to Endeavour before being instructed to join hawks and the others to keep the area secure now hawks would actually propose the possibility of just having Basina secure Deku but in seeing the determination of these students endeavor would tell him not to let anyone interfere from there with Deku encased in his pillar of ice shot call out to him questioning if this could possibly be the very state that all for one wants Deku in that he may very well take this opportunity to attack U.A. from here now begging his friend to let them join in the fight alongside him but now utterly consumed by the words of all for one and the burden of his quirk.

 Deku would break free from the ice telling them all that this fight was strictly between one for all and all for one the rest of them could not possibly keep up and he was out of there as Deku fled we would have Vanetta who would be thrown by sue grab hold of him as well now telling him that it wasn’t his power that made him special then actually breaking the internet by saying that he had fallen for him because even when Deku was horribly scared he still managed to find a way forwards with everyone anyway now in regards to the bisexual implications a number of people have accredited this instance to being absolutely have your fun if that’s your takeaway sure I for one do not believe that is a literal sentiment being expressed here as it is a bit of a contextual reach but again take it as you will but from there Uraraka could not even get the words out before Deku would use his false 100 power to jettison away but everyone was ready for this as in combining a number of their abilities they were able to continue giving chase to him as Bakugo blasted off he couldn’t help but think of all the things he needed to say to Deku but for the time being the one best suited for this level of speed was none other than their class president Ida as in midair Ida would grab hold of Deku’s hand all of his friends refused to let him go and the pain of solitude was hard for Deku to deny with this latest shadow as Ida clutched onto his hand Deku knew that he needed to let go however he could not call forth the strength to do so a combination of not actually wanting to and the sheer level of exhaustion he was experiencing Uraraka would then release the effects of her quirk causing the two to begin hurtling downwards as Ida would worry if they could land safely then noticing Kirishima on the ground and the impact from that high up was major but even still geta love the hustle and endurance of Kirishima man as he would catch it too and refuse to fall over now Kirishima in the previous chapter also expressed a desire to speak to Deku and right here he would manage to do so by saying that he remembered a story on the news once about a boy around his age who’d rushed in to save his friend from a villain and question and confirm that that was in fact Deku of course referring to the sledge villain incident in which Deku went to save bakugou what was no doubt a very impactful moment for Kirishima to hear about as when faced by a similar predicament himself albeit with a far more dangerous villain and no heroes on the scene he inversely froze in fear and Kirishima would then express that being a hero has nothing to do with being especially strong or special that more than anything.

It was his attitude back then that is the key which certainly reminds me of the sentiments expressed by crimson riot Kirishima heroic inspiration in regards to his own gender-neutral perspective on manliness as a concept and Ida would then say that Kirishima was there at just the right time which Kirishima would then respond to by saying that it was sheer coincidence as Endeavour had ordered them to go in this direction in the first place but just then all of their fellow classmates would make their way over and at that Mina Ashido would be the first one to speak now telling Deku to cut it out with all that alone stuff and just come back with them as she wanted them all to be able to go back to having classes together from there Deku would stumble to his feet stepping away from Kirishima and Ida as he would express that he would love to return but is just far too dangerous that there are just so many people at U.A. and he does not want to cause them any more trouble and it was clear that Deku was willing to continue resisting here as he would begin to outstretch some tired-looking tendrils of black whip from his body saying that he could not go back to how he was before but it was then that bakugou would approach he’d begin by asking Deku if he remembered what he had told him after he was stabbed by Shigaraki but Deku didn’t remember which I’m not surprised by at all seeing as how he flew into such an all-consuming rage at the time but bakugou would repeat don’t even think about winning this alone after saying this his body moved on its own and he was impaled in dedusted but regardless he knew that he needed to tell Deku those words what could have very well been his final words he continued by saying that he had always looked down on Deku for being quirkless but despite Deku always being far behind him he couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow Deku was miles ahead of him as horikoshi would then provide us with a visual of them being children in this instance something that he seems to be doing a lot more lately but yeah bakugou would admit to hating that feeling a feeling he did not want at all and one that he refused to recognize as such saying that it is the very reason why he grew so distant from Deku and so thoroughly bullied him and mind you all of class 1a is here listening to this so yeah this is the real deal it takes a whole lot for a character like bakugou to do something like this let alone in front of so many people now with them visually at the point of middle school bakugou would say that he opposed Deku and constantly tried to express his superiority over him but in the end he always lost that furthermore after getting into U/.A. literally nothing went as he thought it would that he’d from then on spent his days trying to figure out Deku’s strengths and weaknesses and at this point he would admit that it is probably meaningless telling him all this but it’s truly how he feels as he would actually address Deku by his name Izuku Midoriya he had done up to this point as he would then lower his head through this downpour of rain and i mean Deku like myself in reading this was at a loss for words here but Bakugo was not finished he’d also say that the path Deku had undergone as the successor of one for all is precisely what almighty did and so in that sense it wasn’t necessarily wrong but even still the reality of the situation was that he could barely manage you stand by his lonesome right now that in the end his ideals could only carry him so far that if there is anything in his way making his path difficult he could always count on them for help that in order to surpass his idol all might they would have to protect U.A. and the civilians in there together that this was the only way forward and in hearing all of this Deku’s resistance would actually dissipate as he would realize just how far ahead everyone else was in their consideration of all of this again he’d repeat to himself you guys can’t keep up as he would begin to fall he’d apologize for saying such a horrible thing to them but before he could even hit the ground Bakugo was there to catch him and say that he knows and with that they had him wow that was heavy that was special i mean there is so much to unpack there that it deserves a video of its own so look forward to that but furthermore notice how so many of these characters have had their moments their intense moments with Deku during this conflict however despite an attempt Uraraka has yet to do so just yet but best believe her time is coming but Momo now speaking to her would say that although they had managed to complete the first step things will only become that much more difficult from now on which Uraraka would agree to now some time later Deku would begin to regain consciousness then awakening to the words of the hero 13. her helmet was now off now revealing her face for the first time and she looks pretty simple here but she would go on to explain that right now most civilians were moving to various evacuation centers the ones remaining outside were anti-hero vigilantes and extremists that became violent alongside the prison escapees however the number of anti-hero civilians in each evacuation center was increasing due to their exhaustion now the extremists tend to work in groups making them pretty easy to catch for the heroes and so as evacuations continue it becomes easier and easier to avoid both groups out in the streets now everyone was doing their part for the sake of improving the overall situation and truly Deku solo escapades did seriously help the heroes and police tremendously and right now U.A. looked entirely different it actually looked even more secure than Tartarus so much so that Deku could not believe his eyes and Sarah would then explain that the U.A. barrier was currently in place with the wall only being a glimpse at what it is truly capable of which then prompted invisible girl to elaborate a bit to say that the security system is really something as it even connects to Shiketsu High School and Deku really wanted to live up to the expectations of his friends here but he would express that going back simply was not an option for him as very clearly it was pretty noisy inside and from here we would have a ton of civilians rejecting Deku’s entrance and they would cry out that the rumor of a boy shigaraki was after must be him and Deku’s expression here was an empty one president mike was now on a megaphone which says a lot if he needed one trying his best to calm them down to no avail they’ll cry out that the principal guaranteed their safety that they had left their homes for the sake of that guarantee and so Deku being here was like a ticking time bomb with them at the very same time that if they are going to hide him hide him somewhere else that isn’t U.A. as to this Deku would simply begin to leave without a word but just then to continue this trend of hand-holding Uraraka would grab hold of Deku hand.

MHA: Chapter 322- Uraraka would grab hold of Deku hand

She would then tell him not to worry about it they would not let go of him again and they could not as to close out this chapter again the most pressing question of Uraraka’s existence in the story who will save heroes when they are in trouble would be considered but yeah that was the chapter what an emotional experience that was i mean sure with the previous chapter discussion we played around the idea of Deku apologizing but truthfully i did not expect it here and now but it is just so major for the growth of these characters and their overall dynamic now in regards to the civilians it is just so bold to me that they would not only refuse a child but also refuse him refuge in the school that he literally attends that is actually so wild to me and i get it with the situation all but damn when faced by trying circumstances it is unsettling to see just how ugly people can be in the midst of tragedy but with the whole convincing Deku thing officially being over do me a favor and bear in mind that only two members of class 1a did not get a chance to convey their feelings towards Deku invisible girl and Aoyama and listen there are a lot of these characters man it is hard to give them all their moment i understand that but to have gotten stuff from characters like Koda and Todoroki who i can’t even think of a single notable interaction involving them i mean come on Todoroki literally had to have something off screen brought up about food coloring and so i cannot see how it is not the least bit strange that a character like Aoyama who is deeply related to Deku in the past was not given such an opportunity take it as you will but the real ones already know how we feel about Aoyama over here and in that sense invisible girl is looking like a mystery to me which makes sense hard to draw someone entirely when you can’t see them i suppose again that bakugou character development is straight up immaculate and i am so excited to see where we go from here in that regard.

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