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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Official Trailer Talk

 JoJo Part six Stone Ocean is finally arriving wait it’s finally here it’s finally coming and we got our first glimpse of a trailer that was released and if you have yet to see the trailer link is in the description I’m going to assume most of you have already seen the trailer but like i said on the off chance link in the description but um JoJo part 6 stone ocean finally getting animated my hype is through the freaking roof man like i can’t wait like i legitimately can’t wait after the explosive finale of part five the greatness that was part four and the amazing journey through the desert that was part three and all the crazy antics from part two in part one part six is going to be something that i just oh my god it’s probably going to be the best part throughout the entirety of the JoJo  series of thus far if it is done properly and knowing David productions.

Jolyne Kujo

It’s gonna probably be a-okay they have never let us down to this very day i mean obviously no studio no company no animation studio is perfect we should definitely be aware of that but at this very point it’s been very clear that David productions they love JoJo they really really love JoJo they love the designs of the characters they go in on it they you know add the extra effort with opening songs and stuff we’ve seen over the years so I’m not really too concerned about part six i i know it’s definitely in good hands with the animation studio and the people working on it however there is a few things that do need to be discussed and that is who actually picked it up in terms of licensing and also when it’s going to air so like i said most of you probably have already seen the trailer most of you probably you know have seen the gorgeous animation in art but some of you probably don’t know when it’s coming out and apparently it’s coming out in December of this year December 2021


Green Dolphin Street Prison

Now here’s the thing apparently from what i can dig up and i couldn’t find any full-on concrete and like information on everything but for what i could pull up Netflix is going to be releasing it worldwide in December and that means that basically everyone’s going to get it at once it’s not going to be just locked to japan Netflix everyone is going to be able to watch JoJo part 6. however this raises a very curious question in my head if it is releasing worldwide on Netflix and it’s not just going to be like let’s say just a japan exclusive Netflix and then we got to wait months for it to finally you know come out in full bulk usually how typical anime is on Netflix like shaman king’s a good example or Eden zero you know the point is is if they’re releasing it worldwide does that mean that JoJo part six is already done it’s gonna be done by December and they’re gonna release it all in bulk because once again this is the information i could not find out i could not find out if Netflix was going to be releasing the entirety of part six at once or if they were going to be releasing half a few episodes or if they were gonna release the first episode and air it weekly like a typical anime nothing about this has been really giving concrete information on and that’s one thing that does concern me and even though like i said already in this video.


David productions

I am confident in David productions i am fully confident in their quality their work and what they’ve done to this very day for the entirety of the JoJo anime however i am very concerned if it does release all in bulk and the reason why i say that is because number one we know from recent times what Netflix anime can offer us record of Ragnarök good example i mean Netflix didn’t like my opinion on what i said on record right now because it was literally a slideshow and basically seeing how the entirety of JoJo part 6 potentially once again this isn’t confirmed but potentially could be released in bulk fully at once is good and bad at the same time because number one it means that David productions is going to definitely have to kick into overdrive hard work and really struggle to probably get all the episodes of part six out at once if that is indeed what Netflix wants because Netflix is usually a type of company that loves to have multiple bulk episodes at once to be able to binge and so i feel bad if that is indeed the case for the animators and everyone.

JoJo Fridays

David productions because they’re really going to have to give it their a game to even be able to do that however if there is an off chance it also could diminish the quality if that is indeed the case but i think the biggest thing that this could detract away from everything if indeed it does release in bulk is that we would not have JoJo Fridays and now i know this is a meme in the community JoJo Fridays looking forward to it etc. but it’s a big day for the whole JoJo community that you know JoJo Fridays is something everybody comes together and they discuss the episode they discuss the latest episode of JoJo and they get hyped up and it’s exciting you know fan furies etc. for the anime only and stuff it’s incredible time it’s a great time to be a JoJo fan for JoJo Fridays and if they release all the episodes at once that community discussion is not going to exist and i know many are probably scratch your head like but wait what do you mean it’s not going to exist you see there is a difference from releasing a bulk series and a weekly series with a weekly series it generates hype it generates the ability to discuss individual episode key moments key scenes and fury craft on what’s gonna happen next and if all the episodes are just released at once like 20 or 30 episodes.


Once like 20 or 30 Episodes

Whatever how many episodes that part six is gonna be you know me people are just gonna go from one episode to the next and they’re not gonna sit on that episode and think about it they’re just going to move to the next one and then the next one and then the next one and then the next one you get the point they’re not going to actually dive deep into the nitty gritty stuff from each individual episode and allow the community discussion that JoJo Fridays have to offer and so like i said if the entirety of the series is released in bulk on Netflix that would basically remove that entire element and also the overall generation of hype from part six i feel like would dwindle very quickly because let’s be honest when you binge a series the series is overall lasting power i feel like diminishes very quickly people tend to just stop talking about it after a week or less and that’s the difference from releasing one episode a week to just a bulk release so no I’m just I’m a little bit concerned about that like i said i don’t want to sound doom and gloom i have full faith in David productions that the product is going to be good i have no i have no issue with that i feel like the product of JoJo’s anime is going to be fine I’m just concerned about the overall release the way it’s going to be released because if that indeed releases like that it’s going to be just sad because it’s like it’s always that hype that build up to when you like you’re watching a JoJo  episode and let’s say you’re waiting for that opening to change you know when the opening song finally changes and you see the slow gradual changes within it you know if we can or if we’re able to binge it and it’s just like that overall build up to the opening change i feel like wouldn’t be the same maybe it’s just me maybe it’s the way i view anime and maybe people won’t relate to what I’m saying but that’s just my personal two cents on the topic but uh getting into the nitty gritty though of the actual trailer it’s a really good trailer it looks incredible i love all the characters color palettes.

 Jotaro Kujo

The way Jolyne looks and just the voice acting seeing Jotaro Kujo looking literally like he’s in his 18 20 years old he looks younger than he did in part three and part four it it’s just insane to think about so just like i don’t know Jotaro Kujo is always looking younger and younger.

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  • 10 August 2021

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