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Dragon Ball Epic Re-entry in 2022

 All right guys so these days it seems as though the anime industry is just going all kinds of crazy when it comes to making these new movies but when it comes to dragon ball specifically they’ve been giving us movies a plethora of movies for ages for as long as we can remember we have been getting theatrical film after theatrical film when it comes to this series and at this point the very same seems to be the case when it comes to dragon ball super as well as we now have information regarding our new dragon ball super movie that is upcoming and set to release sometime next year in 2022 now courtesy of san Diego comic-con at home we now have a bit of information in regards to this upcoming movie its title and a bit of a teaser as well as for the name of this movie it is going to be titled dragon ball super super hero and at that I’m curious how you guys might feel about this title “ki” and I have decided that it’s kind of corny but at the same time it’s the good kind of corny if that makes any sense but anyways with a title like that it is very telling of what we are going to be able to expect with this film as it is going to have heavy superhero vibes and at that one might argue that the z fighters themselves are superheroes they have saved the world several times over and i mean of course there is a great Saiyaman who is Gohan’s superhero alias a presence or point of interest that i am sure is going to be brought up or be integral to this film at some point but we’ll get more into that in a bit in regards to the production of this film apparently Toriyama himself has been working on this since they were still working on dragon ball super Broly and apparently Toriyama has been more hands-on with this film than any before and really and truly his involvement is evident when we begin to look at our character designs and firstly we have piccolo and if you didn’t know any better you might not notice any difference here but it is apparent that in regards to coloration he has been more so tailored towards the manga depiction or the intended manga depiction as opposed to what has been in the anime for ages now the portions of his arms that would previously have been pinkish are now a yellowish hue a Chantilly manga depiction and the sash of his ghee which was blue in the anime is now more of a red to follow piccolo we have pan the daughter of Gohan who seems to have been aged up a little bit here as she is now going off to kindergarten oh my goodness they grow up really fast so this is to say that the tournament of power was a couple of years prior to this and i think that my fellow manga readers will agree that this is a very interesting development as currently in the manga to the best of our knowledge pan is still an infant child at this point but again with this movie slated to release in 2022 it is possible that the manga is going to catch up and line up to those events by the time we get there but yeah pan looks adorable here and is said to actually play an integral role and at that if little open is playing an important role then you know that Gohan cannot be too far behind not to mention if we have her babysitter piccolo here then you know again that Gohan is going to be important to this movie in some capacity and so to the Gohan fans who have been holding their breath for all these years hopefully you will be able to be satisfied in some capacity because Gohan is more than likely going to be integral and important to this film now granted great Saiyan man was not the peak of this character in regards to his cool factor but it is something that he thoroughly enjoyed beyond being a bookworm and beyond that if Toriyama is being involved in this film as heavily as they say he is then it only makes sense to me considering Toriyama is definitely a comical guy he is a comedian or a gag mangaka first and foremost the whole battle thing was a secondary element it came later in the dragon ball franchise and in his works at the end of the day he makes goofy characters goofy concepts and it all just comes together in a beautiful way so yeah if Toriyama is involved expect it to be a whole lot more comical after pan we have Krillin and Krillin here is in his policeman attire now this isn’t anything new we know Krillin to be a cop and all that but something that has also changed with Krillin’s design would be his eyes his eyes are no longer skin colored they actually have whites which is again more like the manga’s coloration and to be fair back during dragon ball Krillin’s eyes did have whites in them it was only with z and furthermore with super that his eyes were just skin colored for whatever reason and so again i have to say that Toriyama is a very funny man you would think that this man has not watched the anime in ages he has not touched the anime or any of these movies and ages for him to only just be saying hey why are Krillin’s eyes like that because they actually say that he questioned why Krillin’s eyes were like that which is just mind-blowing to me beyond this we have a bit of scenery as well as we get to see piccolo’s home which we have never seen before we have never seen where piccolo lays his head down to sleep at night and apparently this home of piccolo’s was also designed by Toriyama now furthermore during the film we are actually going to be able to see what it is like inside what it looks like inside and knowing piccolo i’m not expecting all too much he is a simple man it’s not as if he even needs nourishment like that but then again we might be in for a surprise as he actually has a mailbox i wouldn’t have never guessed that piccolo would need a mailbox but here he does have one but if nothing else if i were to make an assumption of what he might have in there i would say maybe some toys for pan as he probably babysits her a whole lot but yeah then from there we have what is described to be the most important point of the new movie as we have a new character designed by Toriyama  himself what appears to be a cape crusader of some sort and this is said to be one particular character despite the obvious change in attire and visage here as he goes from having one fin and a literal one on his chest with the color red to having a two on his chest with two of those fin things on his head and the color blue going on here and this is a very interesting design it looks almost militaristic like a commander of some sort with the pants and garments and all that and he also has a bit of a blaster that looks like a shark like the sort of decal you would expect on a fighter plane of some sort so it is clear the sort of inspiration that Toriyama had in those elements of this character’s design now this character does not look menacing at all or like a threat so i’m imagining they are going to be an ally of some sort a new friend to join the roster at least for the duration of this film and you know what with a name like dragon ball super superhero what actually comes to mind for me would be universe 11 where you have the pride troopers they are a bunch of superheroes a superhero group that protects the innocents and all that good stuff hopefully we get something on them i don’t imagine we probably are as that was more or less tournament of power stuff it would be very nice to be able to travel to universe 11 but hey from there to wrap things up we have a teaser for this upcoming film a teaser which showcases Goku jumping up and down seemingly preparing for a fight getting his stretch in and then stomping down now what is interesting about this Goku is that it is rendered in cg and i know that for a lot of anime fans myself included cg is the bane of our existences cg turns something from looking great to er okay whatever and they speak of this in regards to saying like this is going to be how the rest of the film looks like this is a test for you to get a grasp of what Goku is going to look like they’re using various technologies and this and that and i know that for a lot of people this is going to be very disappointing simply because coming off of what was an amazing theatrical film oh my goodness dragon ball super Broly was just so beautifully animated that was just one of the best looking anime movies like in modern times especially that was just amazing and to then go from that to this to go to CGI because honestly when i first saw this trailer no context i thought that this was a new game coming out i thought that they were just making another dragon ball game and to be honest i would be lying to you if i said it did not look good here but this is in a very limited capacity this is very brief and ultimately for me even if it does look good it cannot even compare it cannot even hold a candle to what dragon ball super broly was able to provide to us visually this is a very fascinating choice perhaps they are doing this for the sake of being able to get the anime up and running so that they are not divvying up their forces and spreading themselves too thin because i imagine that with the broly movie it was very intensive and perhaps very expensive so this is a compromise to be made i’m not gonna be making up my mind too soon here i’m not going to jump the gun and say that this is not going to be for me or whatever i’m obviously going to still watch it because it is dragon ball and i love the series but i am not as excited as i would be if it was that shintani art style again fingers crossed it still delivers and looks great though but yeah that just about covers everything we’ve been able to garner from this latest bit of news.


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