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I started to watch “One piece”

The series begins with a barrel floating in the water. A passenger heading to his destination, there two sailor spot something like barrel floating in the sea. In the ship rich passenger’s are enjoying formal dance and party. Among them, a pretty girl were invited by young man to dance.

 And outside in ship those two sailor are try to pull that barrel, However, they pull that barrel on ship, then one sailor spot one pirates ship behind the one Island, That is really pirate’s ship of “Alvida”. She is the Captain of that ship “Miss Love Duck”. And other barrel rollout in the ship somewhere in ship’s cabinet. 

Alvida’ ship attack the passenger ship. From the “Alvida’s Ship” one slave “Kobby”  found that barrel and trying to take to the Alvida’s Ship, but suddenly some of crue member’s come and start to bullying kobby and ask what you pulling here and try open that barrel.

 But poof’s barrel whooos, Who’s there it’s out jump Monkey D. Luffy, Everyone shocked. And trying attack to luffy, but they fail and those crue member broke those sword’s . Luffy is luffy and you all knows how’s strong. Then luffy goes for searching food to store yard where food stock’s preserved. And start’s eating or kobby also with luffy to tell them how dangerous is Alvida. But Luffy don’t care and eating.

Those crue member of member of Alvida’s run back to alvida to tell us there is monster like kid (mean’s luffy . Alvida hit those guy’s and start search for luffy who’s that guy  scared the her crue member. Alvida splash his Iron like hammer stick boom .

And show’s front of luffy and attack him, luffy dodge and ask who is that ugly lady here, that moment are watchable.

 Then luffy and Alvida start fighting and also Alvida’s crue  attacked luffy but luffy stretched his arm and tackled all, everyone seam’s bad, then Alvida’s try to speak or chat about she heard a about  rumor’s of Devil Fruit’s,. But she saw someone first times who ate in front of her. soon kobby get some inspired by luffy then said true thing in front of Alvida, just heard that word Alvida attack luffy and kobby, luffy knocked him with single stretchy  punch. And Ship police may be come’s and luffy have to run you all know luffy is pirate.

Today i Started One piece It’s good for me finally i started. Bye bye Visit again

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  • 25 July 2021

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