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Enter The Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!

 Enter The Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!

Luffy and Kobby are going to search for “Zoro” (The Great Sword’s man), Where they found Zoro tied up with rope and starving. A little to help him Zoro to feed some food to alive. Suddenly, the son of the Marine base’s Captain Morgan comes and shouts at the girl how you dare to come here When everyone is restricted.

He through that little girl by there but our catch him and live her home safely there that tell the whole story why Zoro tied up Because his mistake the Morgan son tied up in rope for 30 day’s if he survived then he release though there. After hearing that story, Luffy comes to Zoro, but Zoro denied and he wants to complete his 30Day’s then he goes.

Zoro asks for a small request to put that food in his mouth lying on the ground. After Luffy back to that little girl’s mom’s small restaurant there he sees Morgan’s son is planning to kill Zoro after his 30Day’s, he doesn’t want alive Zoro. Luffy gets mad punch Morgan son tell how you dare to say that thing. Morgan’s son runs to his Dad (Morgan) tell the whole scenario what happens his Morgan denied his answer and for his Statue where he wants a stand that statue, And there Luffy back to Zoro ask him you have to join my Crue, first he denied, then Luffy gives proposal to back his to morgan son, Zoro said then he thinks for proposal, And Luffy run’s for Morgan son to bring ack Zoro sword’s in Marine Base.


There Luffy hears some noise by terrasse and Luffy jumped toward to find Morgan’s son, after seeing Morgan’s son soon possible he catch and run inside the Marine base to search Zoro’s sword. Morgan son show the direction of his room where he hides the sword.

Morgan vs. Luffy! Who’s This Mysterious Beautiful Young Girl?

Luffy that sword and back Zoro Where he Zoro and Kobby attack by Morgan and his subordinate, he jumped in front of them to form bullet’s to hit Zoro and Kobby, they start the fight and Luffy hit him hard to Morgan. 

In the mid-no-where, Morgan’s son show’s up and points the gun to Kobby but Luffy directly without thinking he punch that idiot behind Morgan tried to attack Luffy but Zoro saves him. In the final Luffy stretched his punch and knocked out Morgan.

After knocking out the Morgan every Marine member to excite and enjoy that moment, because they were also free by Morgan’s hands. And they work properly.

Finally, Luffy and Kobby have apart from each other because Kobby find his dreams work to join the Marine force and Kobby says goodbye to Luffy.

Our hero Luffy can recruit the Zoro in his team to continue the journey to be King’s of Pirate

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  • 26 July 2021

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