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Drive knight

Drive knight

In 9th place we have Drive knight yet another mysterious hero with an undisclosed age we do not know if Drive knight is a cyborg or robot but we do know that he is like an edgier Robocop he uses a box-like transforming object for battle it can seemingly change it to anything he can use it to gain horse-like legs to increase a speed or he can use it to create a blade of light that can cut through monsters in one swipe he’s a calm and calculating fighter he tries to collect data from monsters rather than simply disposing of them as fast as possible he insists on killing monsters who have seen him fight and he is willing to torture them before he kills them to get the information he wants this is probably why so much about him remains a mystery he goes out of his way to keep his abilities a secret as far as his stats go all we know is that he scored a 7 in popularity and a 6 in effectiveness.

The Drive Knight Characteristic


Undisclosed(may be Full Cyborg)






182 cm (5’11½”)


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  • 10 October 2021

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