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Zombie Man

Zombie Man

In eighth place we have Zombie Man one of the coolest heroes in the series he was created by the house of evolution where he was experimented on for a long time he’s a detective who cannot be killed he’ll just regenerate he tends to have a pretty bleak view of the world but you can’t blame him when you consider the torturous experiments he must have undergone and the amount of times he’s almost died only to regenerate again he is a weapons type of fighter using guns machetes axes and so on he scored a tenant stamina in fact he lasted 140 hours fighting against a monster before a six and intelligence a six injustice a perfect tenant endurance a six in power and eight in popularity and Aiden effectiveness and a nine in fighting ability although he’s arguably one of the physically weakest S Class Heroes he manages to prevail against strong monsters like pure blood through perseverance pure blood Gabe Zombie Man 200 mortal wounds but he regenerated and ended up beating the vampire and his 30 monster underlings when it comes to fights he’s a marathon runner not a sprinter and that makes him a very interesting character in a world filled with extremely fast and overpowered heroes.

The Zombie Man Characteristic


Subject No. 66 (Sanpuru 66-gō)


Human (Mutant)


Male.png Male






174 cm (5’8½”)


65 kg (143 lbs.)
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  • 10 October 2021

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