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In seventh place we have the 29 year old king also referred to as the strongest man in the world he is secretly the weakest of the S Class Heroes yet because of dumb luck he has developed a reputation of being the strongest even the hard to impress and respects him and that’s saying a lot although he usually seems calm and threatening he’s actually a fear-filled otaku who likes playing dating simulation games although Saitama is usually the strongest fighter around King crushes him when it comes to fighting in video games the here association classified King as a physical type of fighter and they gave him perfect scores in every category a 10 in stamina intelligence justice endurance power popularity effectiveness and fighting ability although King is pretty weak compared to other heroes his legend precedes him and his intimidating look gets many monsters to give up before Kings lack of power is exposed people think the king engine a sound that comes from Kings heartbeat when he is afraid and experiencing anxiety is actually the sound of his blood loss and that the king engine is so powerful that could shake the earth King does have things going for him though he is a master bluffer a master gamer and experiences ridiculous amounts of good luck so that monsters are somehow defeated near his presence and he ends up getting credit for their defeat an interesting fact about him is that people think that he got his scars from a fight to the death against a god level monster but in reality he got it from a tiger level monster called octo claw man king just cried until a younger Saitama with hair beat the monster.

The King Characteristic


The Strongest Man on Earth (Chijō saikyō no otoko)










187 cm (6’1½”)




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  • 10 October 2021

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