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Metal Knight

Metal Knight

In sixth place we have Metal Knight aka Dr. Bofoi yet another mysterious figure he fights using remote-controlled robots while he remains safe at a distant location not having to risk his life he is a very self-interested man and is more concerned about testing out his new rockets on a meteor than saving the people of Z city he can be cold and pragmatic to the point of ruthlessness and is willing to give up the life of a child hostage if it would mean the Swift destruction of the monster Association hideout and its monsters he is afraid of the evil lurking in the shadows of the monster Association and is caring enough to warn child Emperor about it metal knight is classified as a machine type of fighter and although some of his stats remain a mystery we know that he scored a perfect 10 in intelligence he’s 7 in popularity a 9 in effectiveness and a 10 in fighting ability even though he fights with his genius level brain rather than physical strength his robots are extremely strong according to guru guru he is one of only four heroes who can beat the dragon level monster called Elder centipede because of his vast and secret military might his intelligence is also used to build a hero associations defense systems and to rebuild the hero associations HQ once it is destroyed Dr. Bofoi is confirmed to have at least 100 fighting robots and his military arsenal is so large and powerful at the hero Association fierce deity of him ever turning on that.

The Metal Knight Characteristic


Metal Knight (Metarunaito)












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  • 10 October 2021

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