Enel: One Piece's Greatest Wildcard? Exploring the God's Potential Bounty
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Enel: One Piece’s Greatest Wildcard? Exploring the God’s Potential Bounty

You’re right, Enel is a fascinating enigma in the One Piece universe. His Sky Island exploits, mastery of the Goro Goro no Mi, and current whereabouts on the moon make him a prime candidate for the title “greatest wildcard.” Let’s explore why his bounty could be astronomical, potentially exceeding even Yonko levels.

Pre-Timeskip Powerhouse:

Even before the two-year time skip, Enel displayed immense power. He decimated his home island, Birka, showcasing the destructive potential of his Logia Devil Fruit. His observation of Haki was exceptional, allowing him to predict Luffy’s rubbery movements with ease. Oda estimated Enel’s pre-time skip bounty at around 500 million Berries, a staggering sum considering Luffy’s bounty at the time was just 100 million.

Post-Timeskip Ascension:

Imagine the power-up Enel received after two years on the moon, reviving the ancient Birkan civilization and harnessing their technology. We can only speculate on the advancements he’s made in his Haki and Devil Fruit mastery. An army of Birkan robots at his command adds another layer of formidability.

Fifth Yonko Potential:

If Enel chooses to return to the Blue Sea with his newfound might, the world government will face a colossal threat. His destructive power, technological backing, and strategic mind could easily position him as a fifth Yonko, rivaling the likes of Big Mom and Kaido.

Bounty Beyond Imagination:

Considering these factors, Enel’s bounty, if the government discovered his moon activities, could easily surpass the 2 billion Berry mark. It might even rival or even exceed some Yonko bounties depending on the extent of his technological and military prowess.

Alliance with a Yonko:

The ultimate nightmare scenario: Enel allying himself with an existing Yonko. Imagine the combined might of, say, Kaido and an army of Birkan robots raining down destruction on the Marineford headquarters. Enel’s bounty in such a scenario would be practically unfathomable.

In Conclusion:

Enel’s potential as a wildcard is undeniable. His power, strategic mind, and access to advanced technology make him a force to be reckoned with. His bounty, if revealed, could shatter records and reshape the power dynamics of the One Piece world. Whether he chooses to remain on the moon or return to the Blue Sea, one thing’s for sure: Enel will continue to shock the world.

Note: It’s important to remember that these are just speculations based on available information. Oda keeps his cards close to his chest, so until Enel makes his next move, his true power and bounty remain shrouded in mystery. That’s part of what makes him such a captivating character!

I hope this explanation provides a comprehensive answer to your question and sparks further discussion about Enel’s potential in the One Piece world.

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  • 10 January 2024

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