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EREN AND ZEKE LOSE? THE RUMBLING FAILS – Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 2

Hello and Welcome, We are going to talk about Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2 because this episode finally marks the conclusion of the trio of episodes that ‘MAPPA Studio’ weirdly enough adapted from the finale of season four part one.

Because these last three episodes namely episode 16 17 and 18 complements the four chapters of the manga namely chapter 115 116 117 and 118. and this marks the conclusion of chapter 118 and ‘MAPPA’  weirdly enough jumbled all these four chapters.

This episode begins with the prisoners getting released the prisoners obviously being Armin and the gang, now Armin’s initial confrontation and how he blindly believes Eren is up for display for everyone to actually witness and the moment when Mikasa sees the truth about everything which basically happened between her and Eren in that particular table room everyone sort of thinks that okay armin maybe you are taking things a little bit too far Eren might not be the goodie two shoes that you are thinking him to be because in fact Armin even asks if they should you know showcase the true power of the rumbling so that badass is left alone for maybe the next 50 years or so he in fact supports some of the plans made by Ere here in the beginning but later on he soon realizes that maybe he is making a little bit of mistake and here finally we get a first bit of flashback because in the last episode we didn’t actually get to see any flashbacks whatsoever and this one is one of my absolute favorite ones which involves Eren looking towards the sea which is the ending of season three part two i really love that moment it’s probably one of my favorite moments from AOT period because it just showcases a stark contrast a change in the world of attack on titan and to see that moment once again it was incredible it was legit incredible but moving forward the fight continues between Eren and Reiner of course the george stanton pogo is also there but here we continue from where we left last week that is Eren has been almost pinned down by the armored titan but here things take a stark turn because once again Eren utilizes the powers of the Warhammer and just absolutely berates the armored titan this was beautiful to watch but more than that it’s not just about the visuals but rather the visual flair and the overall voice acting the voice acting literally popped off this episode it was incredible Eren’s demonic scream it was probably my highlight for this entire episode it was just a chef’s kiss so glad to see the return of these kind of voice acting’s i was kind of missing them in the early parts of season four and in fact this episode also brought back some of the classic soundtracks as well in fact towards the end of this episode we got the thriller music from attack on that in season 4.

Pixis takes over the charge and he commands everyone specifically those who had taken the vine do not use the ODM gear and only the people who are fit for them should use the maneuvering kits because these are actually scarce right now so the forces of paradise are once again taking charge although they are aware that this is up to no avail because this is going to be a death trap for all of them but still pixis knows the risk and they are all ready for all of these things furthermore Mikasa and the others are also seen getting ready with their maneuvering gears but here we saw the return of one character whom i had honestly forgotten i legit forgot about her existence and she is Luis one of those characters who swim from the casa and who joined the Igor’s faction later on but i kind of forget her existence but she’s just there to be a part of Mikasa’s scarf plot line because Mikasa finally leaves her scarf which Eren had given to her for the very first time here Mikasa  is sort of getting over her errand face.

While all of these things are happening tangentially there’s another plot point which is brewing here which involves the character of Falco, now Falco is being used here very nicely i have my gripes over how he’s handled later on in the final arc of the series but here him and gabby are actually improving as characters and through gabby and Falco we legit get to see the character development from how they initially thought that the people of this island were nothing more than devils to now them realizing their mistake that it was only propaganda and brainwashing which was forced upon them to showcase that okay these people are the devil you need to destroy them and specifically this coming from the mouths of gabby it’s legit good i know that we all hate gabby for what she did to Sasha but at the same time they are legit kids they have been brainwashed their entire lives and to see her finally understanding the pain of Reiner it was actually a legit good moment for me but before all of this actually happens we got a very good interaction between Falco and Nile.

Now Nile used to be a really good character back in the day once again i had almost forgotten about him but then i remembered that he was a friend of none other than Eran so to see him also at the death bed and to see him having a good conversation with Falco this was legit good he made Falco realize the mistake which they were being taught upon which they were brainwashed with and he’s the person who actually returns Falco to Colt, Gabby and the juxtaposition of this scene along with the family of Sasha was a brilliant touch in my opinion and how the two thought processes were actually being utilized here but before all of this actually happens during the fight with Reiner and Eren, Zeke finally arrives into the scene and he just decimates everyone he destroys the marlin carriers and he just blows away a bunch of the enemy but at the same time through some very clever tricks by peak and commander or other general maggots they are able to almost take down Zeke by the usage of the anti-titan cannon because this was done beautifully or rather this was executed beautifully and that is basically the ending of this episode with Zeke falling down from the walls and Eren who is at a very crippled state right now just crawling forward towards his brother because i still chuckle at this Zeke arrives to the scene by saying that your Brother is here you don’t have to worry anymore.

Eren just Zeke saying Brother it just makes me giggle uh i don’t know this is just a really funny scene and that’s basically attack on that in season four part two episode number two there’s some other stuff happening as well with Armin and gang finally reaching the rooftop and them trying to help Eren when they realize that Zeke is also here and their overall shock when they realize that since Zeke is here Levi is probably defeated or even dead this realization daunts upon them and they are feeling absolutely helpless here at this moment.

In this episode which adapts chapter 118 there’s a panel which i was eagerly waiting for which is Yelena being delighted at the destruction of Marley unfortunately for me the anime did not do much justice to the sea i thought that this should have been accompanied with some stellar music and some stellar soundtrack but unfortunately that didn’t happen but that is definitely made up with this meme worthy moment of Yelena’s face and how she immediately turns into a goody two-shoe and says that please help see Eren this was legit fantastic props to ‘MAPPA’ for adapting this spot on so that’s episode two of what i got in season four part two so what do you guys think about all of these things please do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below so that’s it for today guys see you all on the next one.

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  • 17 January 2022

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