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Asta’s Death Is Happening? Lucifero Destroys Everyone! | Black Clover Chapter 320

This new chapter of Black Clover Lucifero gets serious Asta gets absolutely destroyed and Yuno joins the fight previously Asta was downright getting bullied by Lucifero this was until the various captains of the clover kingdom stepped in to fight alongside him here they would go all out immediately rushing the fiend only to recognize the overwhelming difference in their power.

I mean even the mighty Mereoleona was being swatted away like a pesky fly nozzle would come to the aid of her and jack while simultaneously attacking the devilish king as his mercury magic doubles as an incredible offensive and defensive tool but that does not matter at all when you are up against Lucifero as before nozzle could even blink his face was being palmed by the creature’s bony hand before he was cast away with incredible force his rifle Fuegoleon would then attack alongside the fire spirit salamander but as Lucifero put it this was all pointless as he would grab hold of the spirit by the corner of its mouth and use his entire body like a blunt instrument to smack Fuegoleon on with Dorothy tried to use her dream magic here as if Morris didn’t already make it clear that that sort of thing was no match for gravity and was immediately countered simply put Lucifero is just a different breed the very concept of humans engaging against him in battle was disgusting to him that such lowly creatures were expected to despair and or worship him and nothing more Mereoleona  was not done with him yet though as she would rise back up and attack with her fiery fury.

But again Lucifero would just knock her back this time however Mereoleona  would take the attack but would not fall and would only skid back a bit before letting this thing know that regardless of how far beneath him they may be they would not back down because each of them as captains had been given the title of the strongest as the pride of their country and the hope of the world they refused to give up against all odds truly a display of human optimism Lucifero most definitely was not fond of but with him being distracted Asta would seize this incredible opportunity as he appeared behind the monstrous monarch and swung his blade the ever massive demon slayer sword all while expressing just how incredible magic knights are with this latest chapter we pick up right from there as Lucifero is shown evading this sudden strike however although Asta failed to deliver a proper wound onto Lucifero he did succeed in cutting off the tip of one of the king’s horns an act which absolutely enraged ravenous royal as he would suddenly grip onto the boy’s face and plunge him down into the earth with an insane amount of gravitational pressure thus far Lucifero has certainly been shown to have quite the anger management issues but oh man this was on another level he went absolutely berserk and once Asta was grounded he did not stop at this point he was stomping Asta out and it was brutal all the while insulting him and screaming as we provided such a blemish by an entity perceived to be unfathomably far below himself was maddening there was no way.
Asta would be able to handle much more of this but luckily enough for him in the midst of this Mereoleona would return yet again engulfing the devil’s body in flames as charlotte and Dorothy provided support removing Asta from harm’s way but man Asta got stomped out so badly that he lost his double union mode he was now in critical condition and unmoving but the captains were now able to recognize that Asta’s anti-magic is actually capable of dealing damage to this thing and so above all else their greatest priority would be to protect him and keep him alive as he was their only hope they would try their best to hold lucifer off but man was this a devil on a mission as he pushed them all aside in pursuit of the magicless twerp that cut his horn jack would re-enter the fray as well embedding himself into the sight of Lucifero as he declared his refusal of being shown up by Asta yet again but Lucifero really did not care and knocked him away easily i mean let’s be honest jack struggled against Dante who possessed only a sliver of Lucifero’s power so yeah he can’t really do much here he can’t hang but at this point Nozel was the one taking care of Asta’s unconscious body as he would express how Asta despite being a peasant was able to teach a royals such as himself that anyone could fight their heart out and succeed even if they were vastly outmatched and believe it or not Lucifero did not want to hear it and crushed yet another pest and of course on the note of pesky yet again.
Mereoleona  was back proving herself to be truly an incredible combatant on account for rising up time after time blow after blow as perhaps the most durable of the captain’s present but this time she stood alongside her brother with salamander behind them our two fiery siblings would then both make it clear that they expected more from Asta than anyone else for Fuegoleon it was as a magic night a respect for the drive and determination of a pier who rose from nothing for Mereoleona it was as her prey she for as powerful as she is considers Asta to be a rival of sorts worth commemorating and cultivating this combined attack was absolutely astonishing the firepower displayed here would devastate and incinerate just about any threat imaginable any threat besides Lucifero that is as he would emerge without a blemish in sight and was merely annoyed by their efforts more than anything else he held firmly onto Fuegoleon’s face only to leap from atop the underbelly of salamander and throw the fiery captain right at rill what was most definitely a crushing blow for these various captains the yet unnamed devil of the second lair was astute enough to recognize that the only reason the captains were able to fight and resist here was thanks to the Valhalla spell of real but even still they did fare far better than expected but at the end of the day this devil would conclude they were merely human and so their fates were sealed with the captains all dealt with Lucifero was free to resume his targeting of Asta as to him Asta was to blame for all of this discomfort and so he would aim to crush Asta beneath his heel once and for all however when his foot met the ground Asta was nowhere to be found yet a single star-like luminescent construct was found floating right beside the devil as now looking over his shoulder.

Lucifero would see a new human into the battle saving a terribly bloodied and incapacitated Asta it was Yuno alongside Sylph and Mimosa as he’d made it clear that finally Asta was the one who owed him now and let me just say that this shot of Yuno is just so clean and this is exciting Asta may be horribly damaged right now and perhaps on the verge of death but mimosa one of if not the greatest healer in the series is right here and will definitely have him back up and slashing in no time Asta and Yuno facing off against the pharaoh side by side is going to be amazing as in theory both of them can actually harm him that being said i have no doubt that noel will be jumping in as well at some point thus far she played pretty much no role in the giant bull situation and has been healed up for a while now and on top of that as of the most recent poll she is the most popular character in the series and again is yet another character that can do damage to such a high ranking devil now what’s crazy to me is that despite being infuriated and such Lucifero still hasn’t really been trying at all the most substantial damage that has been done to this guy has been the equivalent of a paper cut or the clipping of a giant toenail and even in fighting these captains he has been slapping grabbing and throwing them this is a professional athlete against a pack of toddlers if he were to actually use some magic beyond his mere presence being pressure inducing then they would really be wetting themselves.

One thing i really like about conflicts just like this in Black Clover is that it is hard to know exactly how our heroes will make it out alive because these circumstances are just so overwhelmingly difficult but either way you already know it’s going to be epic.

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  • 23 January 2022

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