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You Watch or Not? The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat!

 So getting into another isekai airing this fall of 2021 is of course the series known as the world’s finest assassin gets reincarnated in another world as an aristocrat and i think the title is pretty self-explanatory of what the basic theme is but i will say i was quite intrigued by what it’s trying to establish this is based on a light novel series done by the same author as the redo healer author but if i could give one piece of advice that i am going to take going forward with this is don’t treat this series as if it was redo healer i understand a lot of people didn’t like redo healer you are entitled to your own opinion based on what you do and don’t like my opinion on it is irrelevant but i’m merely just saying that go into this ignoring the author’s previous works because i think this has a very interesting theme and aesthetics behind it.

I’ve actually kind of gotten very interested in already the first episode itself and i will say the opening song gave me James Bond vibes especially with the whole black and white and then the kind of movements and the main protagonists sort of floating down it reminded me of some of the original James Bond opening songs like floating in the water as he’s like being shot by you know one of his colleagues it reminded me of a couple of those original movies and the kind of aesthetics behind it just the opening song had a really cool song behind it and had the aesthetics of a James bond movie so again that’s just what i saw out of it but this is going to be 12 episodes tags are action fantasy magic done by Studio: Silver Link; Studio Palette and of course it will be on Crunchyroll as of uploading this video but the first sort of component of the episode itself kind of introduces the world there seems to be some trading going on some underground trading where they are trying to market off some girls to some very sleazy men and they’re basically you know betting millions of dollars on these girls they’re basically crying that they just want to go home so it seems to be they attack villagers they take these girls and they auction them off to rich sleazy douchebags and one of the girls being sold off is or seems to be an assassin that ends up freeing herself using magic pulling out a gun and just plucking away at them one by one while there is also the assistant girl that assists as well with her sort of pole arm weapon and she seems to also have like a pistol or something with her and then there also seems to be the main protagonist that is out in the hillside he seems to have a sniper and he’s basically waiting for the person that is running the whole organization to pluck them off then it goes to an older fella that’s running or working for an organization that’s doing an assassin job for mafia basically goes over some stuff about how he was sort of born and bred to serve the organization his loyalty is very strong with them he’s basically going into soft retirement but he gets on a plane to go to America to start his next mission as a training an individual and they decide to assassinate him because it seems to be the organization is paranoid and doesn’t have any sense of loyalty so they basically pluck him off as retirement that is where it goes into him being reincarnated so it seems to be the main protagonist at the beginning the young fella in the hillside was the old guy being reincarnated and i mean this guy’s like old enough to probably be a grandpa it seems to be a much older guy which of course seems to fit the theme being that he was going into soft retirement a more cushion administrator-based job teaching people he basically gets sort of transported to this area where he’s talking to this sort of goddess that’s basically giving him two choices start a new life slate clean no memories which as he said basically would be deaf itself or keep your memories but you got to do a job for her which is kill the hero of the other world and that is where basically the story kind of goes into is basically this assassin has been reincarnated into an alternative world to do the job for a goddess so i’m very interested to see where the story goes again treat it as again the author didn’t do any other previous works and let’s see how it turns out 12 episodes very excited  and joyed to watch.

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  • 23 January 2022

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