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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End gets a new look

The official website for the anime adaptation of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Sousou after freezing) released a new visual after the airing of Episode 6.

The visual highlights four new characters who will be introduced in the Demonic Infiltration Arc, which begins in the next episode. Check it out below:

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s premiered on September 29, with the first four episodes, which were shown on Japanese TV in film format, being made available all at once on Crunchyroll.

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The story takes place after a group of heroes defeated the Demon King. However, unlike the others in the group, for the elf Frieren, this 10-year journey represents a very short fraction of her life of thousands of years. The plot shows Frieren’s life and feelings after the adventure, her relationship with her companions who grew old and what prayer for the dead would be… “The story begins when the adventure ends”.

The manga written by Kanehito Yumada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe is serialized in the weekly magazine Shonen Sunday and published in Japan by Shogakukan since 2020.

The anime adaptation is directed by Keiichirō Saitō (Bocchi the Rock!), script by Tomohiro Suzuki (One-Punch Man), character design by Reiko Nagasawa (tak op. Destiny) and soundtrack by Evan Call (Violet Evergarden).

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  • 14 October 2023

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