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Ghost Rider Marvel Mangaverse

Ghost Rider Marvel Mangaverse (2001) is a one-shot comic book published by Marvel Comics in 2001. Warren Ellis wrote it and Ben Dunn illustrated it.


The storyline in the comic book centers on Johnny Blaze, a stuntman who strikes a deal with Mephisto to spare the life of his surrogate father. Blaze is then merged with the Spirit of Vengeance Zarathos. Blaze transforms into a flaming-skulled vigilante known as Ghost Rider, who rides a motorcycle with a hellfire chain on it. He goes about tracking down and punishing the vicious.

The Ghost Rider in Marvel Mangaverse is a far more brutal and savage character than in the mainstream. He is also more connected to the world of the underground.

The story of Johnny Blaze and Mephisto’s agreement starts the comic book. Blaze is so desperate to save his surrogate father from cancer that he is ready to pay any price.

Mephisto agrees to save Blaze’s father on condition that Blaze becomes Ghost Rider. Blaze reluctantly gives his go-ahead, which turns him into a flame-skulled vigilante.

In the world, Ghost Rider quickly turns into a good force. His hunting down and punishing of criminals and other wrongdoers. On the other hand, the Spirit of Vengeance is always trying to consume him as well.

In the comic book, Ghost Rider battling a number of threats such as Hand- a ninja organization that wants access to his powers or Mephisto himself.

In the comic book, Ghost Rider overcomes Mephisto so that he can be released from bondage. Nevertheless, the comic-book implies that the Ghost Rider is now forever altered by his experiences.


Marvel Mangaverse: Ghost Rider (2001) is a well-written and exciting comic book. It is a great introduction to the Marvel Mangaverse universe and its characters. The comic book is also a wonderful read for fans of Ghost Rider and manga.

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