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Delicious in Dungeon

Type: Manga
Published: 2014 – Ongoing
Producers: Ryoko Kui (Author)
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen
Source: Original
Adaption: Anime TV series (2024)
Studios: Trigger (Anime)


Delicious in Dungeon is a manga series that describes the journeys of a party of adventurers through dungeons in search of riches and scrumptious cuisine. Laila is a great cook determined to sample all types of monsters and plants found in the dungeons.

Main Characters

Laila: The protagonist of this story. Cooking is one of her strengths in addition to her willingness to sample most of the monsters and exotic plants she comes across in the dungeons.

Chomusuke: Laila’s pet ferret. Laila’s friend has a good comrade and fighter, Chomusuke.

Kanako: Laila’s friend and another adventurer. Kanako is an excellent fighter ready for a battle.

Hildegard: A small adventurer who is an expert blacksmith. Hildegard always comes to the aid of Laila and her other friends, and she usually creates new weapons and armor for them.

Yoshitsuna: A samurai adventurer-a skilled swordsman. Yoshitsuna is a bit of a solitary warrior, but he always comes to the aid of Laila and her friends when necessary.

What is About Delicious in Dungeon

Laila and her friends go through the dungeons in search of the treasure and the sweet. They encounter numerous obstacles like dangerous monsters, perilous traps, and other adventurers all of whom are seeking for the same treasure.

Laila and her friends, however, like living on the edge. They deploy their skills and a team spirit to overcome all obstacles on their way. Lastly, they always enjoy a good meal full of monsters and plants that they have harvested.


Delicious in Dungeon is a hilarious manga series full of adventure, comedy, fantasy, and food. The characters are all lovable and fleshed-out, with a lot of humor and adventure in the story.

The artwork is also very beautiful and it portrays the dungeons and the monsters in a realistic manner. Laila’s cooking is just as appetizing, and the reader feels starving to read more.

In summary, Delicious in Dungeon is one of the best manga for people who love adventure, comedies, fantasy and food. It is a humorous and amusing series whose only goal is to bring a smile to your face.

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  • 22 October 2023

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