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Is Undead Unluck worth watching?

Type: Manga, Anime
Published: January 2020 – Present (Manga), October 2023 – Present (Anime)
Producers: Yoshifumi Tozuka (Creator), Shueisha (Publisher), David Production, TMS Entertainment (Anime Producers)
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Source: Original
Adaptation: Anime (From Manga)
Studios: David Production, TMS Entertainment


Fuuko Izumo is a girl with an Unluck ability that leads to the misfortune of anyone it touches. This has forced her to live alone for years, because she is afraid of the harm that she can do to others. Andy is a zombie man who has been looking for a way to die for the last two centuries. During their meeting, they discover that it is possible to cancel each other using their abilities. The two travel together in search of the curses that bind them, and they want to live ordinary lives.

Main Characters

Fuuko Izumo From Undead Unluck

Fuuko Izumo: A good-natured girl gifted with The Unluck ability.

Andy From Undead Unluck

Andy: A dead man searching for death.

What is About Undead Unluck

Fuuko and Andy’s journey leads them to the Union-a secret society that is looking into people with peculiar abilities. They also learn more about their abilities and the best ways to utilize them in order to help other people and the Union at large as a result of gaining more knowledge about the Union and the other members.

Throughout this journey, Fuuko and Andy will have to come to terms with several enemies including other possessor of unique abilities and the organization responsible for the creation of the Unluck ability.


The story of finding hope amidst despair in Undead Unluck. It is a story about the power of friendship and the importance of finding a place where you belong.

The manga is still on-going, but the anime adaptation is considered a success for its action, humor, and likable characters. Undead Unluck is a really different and interesting shonen series, and if you like such kind of series, you should definitely try it.

My Thoughts Is Undead Unluck worth watching?

Overall, Undead Unluck is a must-watch for fans of shonen anime. It is a series that is sure to entertain and engage viewers from beginning to end.

Where to watch Undead Unluck

Fans can watch the Undead Unluck anime on Hulu

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