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Everything you need to know about Solo Leveling

Type: Webtoon, web novel

Published: 2016-2021 (web novel), 2018-2021 (webtoon)

Producers: Chu-Gong (author), Jang Sung-rak (illustrator), Gi Si-Ryeong (assistant illustrator), Redice Studio (production studio)

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy, shounen

Source: Original

Adaptation: Anime (TBA)

Studios: A-1 Pictures (anime)


Sung Jinwoo, a well known hunter, is a very weak human fighter who has supernatural abilities that fight with monsters so that mankind can be saved from certain extermination.

On one such day after escaping from a near-death encounter in a dungeon, Jinwoo discovers that he has changed. He can now see a strange system that enables him upgrades and new powers. With all this power in Jinwoo, he starts to rise in ranks of the hunters, all set to become the greatest hunter.

Characters (main)

Sung Jinwoo: The protagonist of the story. A hunter, who is very weak, is given a mysterious system that enables him to level up and obtain new special abilities.

Cha Hae-in: The hunter, and the vice president of the Ahjin Guild. She is among few people who are aware of Jinwoo’s secret and support him in his journey.

Yoo Jinho: Hunter, Jinwoo’s best friend.
 Jinwoo’s vice guild master helps him manage his affairs.

Thomas Andre: A hunter and the guild master of the Guild of Scavengers. One of the best hunters in the world and a rival for Jinwoo.

Jin-Woo’s Shadow Army: A combination of powerful shadows that Jinwoo has accumulated and can call for his assistance.

What is about Solo Leveling

Jinwoo’s story starts with him trying to find enough food to eat as a hunter. He is always on the verge of death and is considered the weakest of all hunters in South Korea. Nonetheless, during a deadly meeting at a dungeon, Jinwoo is gifted a strange system which makes him acquire experience and new powers.

Jinwoo gets a new power and starts to rise among the hunters. He soon becomes one of the most successful hunters in South Korea, and he goes ahead to win the title of the world’s strongest hunter.

Jinwoo meets and makes new friends while passing through, such as Cha Hae-in, Yoo Jinho, and Thomas Andre. He also has several powerful enemies like the Monarchs and the System itself.


In the end, Jinwoo slaughters the System and assumes the reins of the world to which he was born in Solo Leveling. His use of power protects the humans from the monsters and ensures that they have a better world.

Solo Leveling is a popular webtoon and novel, which has received great accolades on action, adventure, and fantasy aspects. The novel has also received accolades for having complex characters and for its climax.

Where to read Solo Leveling?

There are two main places where you can read Solo Leveling are Web novel and Webtoon.

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