JJK Chapter 239 predictions: Yuji vs Sukuna
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JJK Chapter 239 predictions: Yuji vs Sukuna

Yuji’s fight against Sukuna

Chapter 239 will concentrate on Yuji vs Sukuna fights. Yuji will be driven by anger over Gojo’s death and Megumi’s assimilation, vowing to kill Sukuna once and for all. Of course, Sukuna will not be an easy opponent. He is very strong and seasoned and will not wait to test his full strength against Yuji. Yuji vs Sukuna manga? really able beat sukuna else going to ….?

Higuruma’s cursed technique

Ten Thousand Miles, Higuruma’s cursed technique, would have a serious impact on Sukuna. The technique allows Higuruma to manipulate the distance to his opponent. He can use this to stay away from Sukuna and also to make his attacks even stronger. Higuruma may use his technique to assist Yuji in overcoming Sukuna in Chapter 239.

Megumi’s fate

In the chapter 238, Sukuna absorbed Megumi into his own body. Therefore, Megumi has now become part of Sukuna, and Sukuna can use Megumi’s Cursed Technique, Mahoraga, against Yuji. But perhaps not the whole Megumi is destroyed. He may still be conscious in Sukuna’s body and may help Yuji to overcome Sukuna.

Gojo’s death

Yuji may have heard about Gojo’s death by now. The fight between Yuji and Sukuna could feature how Yuji is dealing with Gojo’s death and the effect it has to him in chapter 239. Gojo’s death may have made him angry sad and ready to avenge. He may also be under pressure to be like Gojo and guard the world against curses.

Additional Thoughts

It is important to note that chapter 239 may also update on other characters such as Hakari, Uraume, Kashimo and other players of Culling Game. Hakari and Uraume may help Yuji and Higurume to fight against Sukuna. Kashimo may also play a role in the fight, either as an ally or an enemy.

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