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Just For a Meowment

Just for a Meowment
Just for a Meowment I know the run is like really terrible it’s what attracted us to the story so i guess it worked but it’s so stupid so basically it’s about this office lady like she has a really hard time where everyone in the office is like horrible to her and one of her friends kind of tricks her and into this big scam and like tries to steal from the company or something so she’s at an all-time low and she just it died to jump off the roof of her office building and you know kill herself so that’s how it starts but then when she’s falling down the grim reaper comes to her and it’s like oh no like how you just wasted your life and he decides to give her 100 days as a cat because she wishes to be loved and so he’s like go enjoy her 100 days of being loved and so she is left as a cat and she gets discovered by the director of her office because they’re like looking for her because they think that she was involved in this big scam so she goes home with him as a cat and he ends up like taking care of her but then she turns back into a human sometimes so she’s like shifting between human and cat and has to like work together with this director guy and try and like live with him for her 100 days.

Just for a Meowment Cat
She’s just randomly a cat so like for things like when she’s at the office and she like sort of goes crazy or whatever and like starts tearing stuff up and is like i don’t know what happened something just came over me i think that’s like the actual cat coming into play even though mostly she seems to be in control when she’s the cat so that i thought was really weird and random and i was wondering if like the cat is the same cat that um director cha had as a child or something and he like wants to be loved again and so that would be interesting i don’t know it’s just weird but yeah the story it’s very fun i i would recommend reading it but like i don’t like if you’re expecting to get some like deep things out of it or like to have it be some really amazing thing don’t it’s not it’s very stupid and very like i don’t know it’s like a very dumb rom-com that’s not very well done but it’s it’s definitely fun so i still think it’s worth reading but we’ll see we’ll see if it devolves further like with this cat thing and what’s going on but i’m still interested to see what happens next so for now i’m gonna keep up.

If you asking me How many chapters are in Just for a Meowment manga? is currently 47 which one release today and Manga is going on and we are waiting for next when release we will update you.

If i giving you detail’s for this show about here you can:-

  • Alternative name- A Strange Life
  • Author- K Kanaria
  • Artist- K Kanaria
  • Genre- Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Drama, Webtoons

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  • 4 September 2021

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