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Most badass anime girl surname

Today topic for waifu’s lover we’re counting down our picks for the top 9 badass female surname in anime for this list we’re looking at the ladies of anime who know how to bring the pain who else agrees the best waifu’s are the ones who can also kick your ass and stand for her name let us know in the comments your favorite one name mine last three let’s start now.


Casca- Berserk, have no surname but she’s the badass i also like to too much. While many sadly only remember her for the hellish betrayal she suffered that left her mind broken the truth remains that Casca is one of the best soldiers ever to fly under the banner of the band of the hawk impossible she helped lay siege to castle Doldrey and end the 100 year war she led the hawks when they were hunted by midland she even earned the love and respect of the equally fractured guts my life has been an honest one i have only my pride and i owe that to Griffith while her golden age might be over she’s a shining example of a warrior woman no wonder guts’ was willing to go to hell and back to save her from her tragic fate we’ll ride to midland and return with Griffith alive.

Pendragon Mordred 

Pendragon Mordred- Fate/Apocrypha, there are parental issues and then there are Mordred’s twisted origins born to a grim ritual Mordred is the legitimate child of the fate vs very own saber okay given their complicated relationship seriously it’s insane her admiration for the king of Britannia soon turned to hatred scorned by rejection as sabre of red Mordred channeled her disdain into sword work becoming a one-woman army capable of slaughtering many of the other servants taking part in the great holy grail war say what you will about her heritage her noble phantasm is nothing to laugh at.

Scarlet Erza

Scarlet Erza-  Fairy Tale, she went from child slave to one of the strongest mages in all the land forced by her possessed childhood friend to build the fearsome tower of heaven Erza eventually escaped her captivity finding her way to the fairy tale guild from there she would rise to become an s-class mage and one hell of a fighter with her magical ability known as reequip she has access to a seemingly endless series of armors and weapons each possessing their own devastating abilities [Music] she’s a stoic warrior with a soft heart and tragic past and you can bet she will defend her adoptive family to the bitter end.

Revy(Lee Rebecca)

Revy(Lee Rebecca)- Black Lagoon, she’s a woman of simple taste all she cares about is stealing smoking and getting wasted not to mention shooting down anyone who gets in her way this sociopathic gunslinger serves as the muscle of lagoon company and while she may be terrible at taking orders she is in her element when it comes to life or death situations from hunting down Nazis taking on bounty hunters and assassins not to mention participating in an epic one-on-one duel with an ex yakuza Revy is a foul-mouthed basket case who would put a bullet through anyone and everyone to get what she wants and we love her for it . 

Kusanagi Motoko 

Kusanagi Motoko – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, the net may be truly vast and infinite but there is no one else we would want to lead us into battle commonly referred to as major she is an integral part of public security section 9 taking the lead when it comes to dangerous spec ops missions as an augmented cybernetic human Motoko possesses far greater strength and endurance than most you put a firearm in her hand and she will take out whatever target comes her way her cyberization has made her less emotionally inclined than others but she is in no way stripped of it hey if some jerk in an armored suit started stomping on your head wouldn’t you get a little pissed off too.

Matoi Ryuuko

Matoi Ryuuko- Kill la Kill her choice in armor may be a little on the revealing side but trying to go up against this rebel isn’t a good idea should you value your life in search of her father’s murderer Ryuuko somewhat unwillingly takes up the sentient sailor uniform senketsu using its power to challenge the dictatorship of the academy’s student council utterly unrelenting the Yuko will happily cross scissor blades with whoever stands in her way no matter how badly the odds are stacked against her even if she is still mildly self-conscious about her outfit you will not find a more stubborn soul in the entirety of this erotically charged action fest.

Zuberg Alice

Zuberg Alice – Sword Art Online Alicization hey we like asana just as much as the next person but come on we all know Alice is the real golden girl originally an integrity knight duty bound to obey the tenets of the corrupt axiom church her touching relationship with Kirito eventually gave her the strength to rebel she suffered countless losses and at points lost all faith in herself but still found the strength to rouse herself up to protect everyone from the threat of the dark territory throw in enough top tier skills worthy of a final boss and you have a truly radiant character worthy of being called the franchise’s Best.

Android 18

Android 18- Dragon ball z she kicked Vegeta so hard his arm was mangled what more reason do you need one of two androids created by Dr Gero to assassinate Goku 18 was a literal killing machine who took great pleasure in exterminating humanity however she found herself switching sides after finding a new lease on life after being saved by her future hubby Krillin come on Krillin yeah come on dad you’ll win if you do despite taking a back seat to focus on being a mother she’s still an impressive fighter who can hold her own against multiple super saiyan’s at once his arms and legs are so small but he’s very strong i wonder. 

Ackerman Mikasa

Ackerman Mikasa-  Attack on Titan in a world long gone where gigantic humanoids roam the earth and feast on whatever they find you have an apex predator like Mikasa, As a member of the Survey Corp she doesn’t just kill titans she eviscerates them hailed as the strongest of the core’s new recruits her ever-growing kill count is second only to Levi with a bloody past involving the murder of her mother Mikasa is a terrifying and seemingly uncaring individual unless it comes to her childhood friends Eren and Armin whom she values more than anything to the point where she won’t hesitate to fly into the thick of danger to save them you don’t want to be caught in her crosshairs.

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