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Top 10 strongest Pokémon owned by Ash

Top 10 strongest Pokémon owned by Ash, It’s been quite some time since journeys out now and Ash conquering the league Mr Ketchum has captured quite the strong Pokémon today i wanted to do updated countdown of his top 10 strongest.

Ash’s Lycanroc

Lycanroc- Let me introduce to you guys Ash’s Lycanroc is by far one of Ash’s most powerful Alolan Pokemon and to be honest it carried him through a lot of important battles on his Alolan journey it helped out against Nanu, Olivia the Alola league and it even got special training from Tapu bulu i can sit here and try to explain it but you guys just have to watch Lycanroc  to really grasp its power when it gets angry too with all the rage and the red eyes it becomes a destructive monster one important lesson that I’ve learned is to not get Lycanroc fur dirty or else it’s gonna become angry oh and it was pretty adorable as a Rockruff.

Ash’s Torracat

Torracat- Who could forget the moment where Ash’s Torracat had evolved into Incineroar it was amazing even though it never really showed off his true strength after evolving based off his performances as a Torracat  you can only assume that he’s an absolute beast right now for one he was able to do some decent damage to Team Skull and he was pretty strong but the biggest reason why is one of ash’s strongest Pokemon is because as a Torracat  its main goal was to defeat Kakui’s most powerful Pokemon Incineroar this Pokemon alone made the mask world undefeated in Alola so the fact that it was able to beat it as a Torracat  in an intense match says a lot it’s already proven that it’s stronger than Alola’s most powerful Incineroar so just imagine how strong it is now after fully evolving maybe that’s why they haven’t let it battle at this form yet he’s just too powerful to handle.

Ash’s Snorlax

Snorlax- Ash’s Snorlax, I’m going to have to say is one of my favorite Pokemon owned by ash by far the way how it just eats food and steals it from people has always been so hilarious to me i do have to say though stark’s quite a powerhouse too it’s got quite a few impressive victories under red spell like in the Johto League the battle frontier against Greta and in the cinder league helping ash out in the third round Snorlax is just a Pokemon ash can call on and we know what’s going to get the job done it’s gotten ash out of a few pickles in the past and i know if it came back it could do the same thing.

Ash’s Krookodile

Krookodile- Ash’s most overrated Pokémon starting off the list we have ash’s Krookodile a Pokémon that deserves way more screen time in the Black and White anime it might have been the last member of ash’s Unova team but it quickly rolls up to be a strongest of the series the greatest example of its power is when it took an ice beam from Irish’s dragon knight as a Krokorok survived evolved into Krookodile and then proceeded to take it down that was an awesome moment but that’s not all cause this Pokemon also proves its strength by being able to take down opponents that have a type advantage against it like when it was a Krokorok in the ice serious gym against Bryson and took out his bear take by catching the stone edge mid-air or when it defeated Stephen Sauk with this newly learned area lace that’s a really strong Pokemon.

Ash’s Infernape

Infernape- Ash’s Infernape we all love him now i could easily talk about its you-know-what ability and call it a day but that wouldn’t really be doing Infernape justice would it he’s so much more than that even without the ability this Pokemon’s goal was to prove Paul wrong for abandoning it so it helped ash rack up lots of important wins as the chimchar alone it played a big part in helping ash defeat Fantina, Byron and Candice then it evolved all the way into Infernape and helped ash win his final Sinnoh-gym badge against Volkner that’s four gyms in a row the last one being where it mastered its overpowered blaze ability with this insane version of blaze Infernape basically allow ash to finally get the win over Paul in the Sinnoh league such a satisfying moment that was achieved thanks to a really strong Pokemon.

Ash’s Dragonite

Dragonite- Ash’s Dragonite is one of ash’s brand new Pokemon in journeys and so far it has proven itself to be quite the powerhouse for one Dragonite is a fully evolved pseudo-legendary Pokemon and Dragonite in the anime are perceived to be one of the most powerful Pokemon around well ash’s Dragonite is no different we’ve seen the power Dragonite has against Korrina’s mega Lucario and that lovable dragon took it to the cleaners Dragonite just has a lot of natural power because of its status but after a bit of training and hanging out with ash for a bit who knows how powerful it can get that’s why i want to say right now consider this number 5 spot only temporary its spot can change at any time depending on how it does in the anime.

Ash’s Sceptile

Sceptile- Ash’s Sceptile will always be remembered for its awesome personality and even though it didn’t perform as well as we would like during the start of the advanced series ash still managed to turn this gecko into one of his strongest Pokemon before even getting to its most famous moment there’s still a few moments worth mentioning like when it defeated Norman slacking thanks to its overgrow ability or when it used that same ability to go toe-to-toe with mace Blaziken there’s also the time that ash uses his Sceptile to battle a rampaging Deoxys and it was able to hold its own for a while and even catch up to its speed form that’s insane and then of course there’s the moment where it take down Tobias’s Darkrai a mythical Pokemon that almost swept the entire Sinnoh league that’s easily its greatest achievement as it’s the only Pokemon to take out the infamous Darkrai.

Ash’s Charizard

Charizard- Ash’s Charizard now Charizard has always been one of ash’s most powerful Pokemon even in Kanto region. When it didn’t obey him time and time again since the beginning Charizard has been one of ash’s biggest aces in the whole we’ve seen it come and clutch in the orange islands Johto the battle frontier and even had some love in Pokemon black and white which is the only part i actually enjoyed i also loved seeing iris’s Dragonite get smacked in the head it was pretty hilarious the entire time Charizard was gone it was in char civic valley training so that also counts for something Charizard is just so powerful and it continues to grow even now as far as i know anyways i know if Charizard came back now in journeys it would be Rocklin i would also really love to see it battle against ash’s Dragonite I would love to see how Dragonite stacks up to the goal.

Ash’s Greninja 

Greninja – Just like in the Kalos league runner-up goes to my boy Greninja being a fully evolved starter already gives this Pokemon an edge but on top of that it has the powerful ash Greninja form that basically gives it the same power boost as a mega evolution with this form ash was able to take names left and right in the final season of XY and it was even close to defeating dianthus mega Gardevoir this was before the transformation was completely mastered so just imagine how well it would have done after perfecting it even though i couldn’t quite get the win in the Kalos league Greninja is still able to defeat other powerful mega’s like wolfer’s mega Abomasnow  or sawyer’s mega Sceptile that last one is a huge one because Greninja beats a Pokemon that had a huge type advantage over it unfortunately he doesn’t get the win against Alan’s mega Charizard X but it’s the Pokemon that’s gotten the closest to defeating it in the Kalos league Alan’s Charizard has been 10 mega evolutions in a row thanks to Lysandre’s training and he’s even taken on some legendries so the fact that Ash Greninja was able to bring that beast down to its knees even for a little bit is insane and it’s only proof that it’s one of ash’s most powerful Pokemon.

Ash’s Pikachu

Pikachu- Ever finally coming in ash’s strongest Pokemon we have Pikachu has been with ash since the very beginning and has proven itself time and time again that it is a monster regardless of how crazy the anime can be if it was into a level five Snivy, Pikachu has beaten legendary Pokemon before a Dragonite and definitely has a lot of wins under his belt as being ash’s most handy Pokemon ash and Pikachu are an iconic duo and the bond they share practically makes them unstoppable due to how long they’ve been together i couldn’t not put Pikachu at number one Pikachu does reset its level every time according to theorists and all that other but it’s able to bounce back and be even stronger every time it goes to a new region practically there’s also the fact that Pikachu now can Gigantamax that’s also another really important reason as to why we think Pikachu is actually strongest Pokemon, Pikachu is broken and we really can’t explain its power but whatever that power is we know it’s strong ash and Pikachu are a real threat in the battlefield.

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  • 3 September 2021

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