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Kill The Hero- Chapter 1

This story begins with such a person who no longer had any reason to be connected to this world. I hate this world, because as soon as I was born I was left alone like a lonely animal in this world, there is no point to like this world.

I Hate This World
In the beginning of the story, our hero is seen fighting with some people where they are harassing him. The world is like this, everyone tries to appear strong and tries to trouble the weak. But our hero defeats them somehow and leaves from there. 

Hero says “I was always alone”.

Dungeon Appearence

But one day, On  January 1st 2020 one dungeon appear and every thing changed. With the arrival of that dungeon , many monster also come out of it, which create havoc in the world and lots of life destroyed by them but at the same time, with the arrival of the monster , some god like being appear and give some power to fewer them to protect this World.

To Protect This World

And one of them is our Hero Jin-Kim get a chance as a player to clear that dungeon. While clearing that dungeon he meets a Hero, He felt the first time  there is someone whom he can trust and go after him that person is Se-Jun Lee.
Se-Jun Lee

After showing dungeon, and getting a power by God beings Called “Authority”, they started to clearing the dungeon, everyone starts forming their own guild to clearing that dungeon, thinking of living a peaceful life after finishing that dungeon, they starts clearing. Every time they cleared any level they receive a lot of items, that more helpful to clearing the dungeon. And other side our inspired hero trusting someone considers it worth to follow, as well as he joins his team and starts clearing the dungeon with him. He trusts him lot, Se-Jun has a different motive to gathering a guild, behind keeping everyone together by souring everyone.

And he supports him and takes to clearing that dungeon with him, while doing those people end up, that means, after reaching the last level at the end of clearing the dungeon, something happens which he never thought because he was the first I could trust someone for so long but never knew that what he plotting for end.

Our Hero Stabbed by Se-Jun 

After the arrival of last level in that Dungeon, something happened that our hero did not even think that , on whom he trusted, he betrayed him and told his real greedy secret why he was doing all that things why he was become a Hero so he can rule many people as possible in his control. His moto is only to rule and treasure not for anything else’s, Our Hero Doesn’t Understand But  as he turns back to talk to Se-Jun Lee stabbed him knife And said thanks for helping me by this time and  left from there…

Our Hero Died

The world is like this, the world will remain as it happens, Our hero says in the end that the world will remain like this, nothing will happen to change in this world, no one can trust anyone or should care others, slowly-slowly he is dying of poison, that’s what the end says I also died, is the world like this will remain that’s why I hate this world.

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  • 23 November 2021

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