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Kill The Hero Chapter 2- Became a Player

 Kill The Hero Chapter 2 start with reincarnated of our hero or restarting like a game, Or What else you think mention me in comment about your Thought.

Kill The Hero Chapter 2

So start the chapter we already knew story start with our hero in bus where going somewhere to kill for monster’s but a herd of Orcs suddenly appear front of the way, And hero with all soldier are to started firing on the herd Orc’s but no one are able to do good damage, but suddenly someone are started attack the herd of Orc’s and he making him good damage and killing all the Orc’s one by one he finished all them, Beside that all the other seeing fighting like so confuse and shocked this is that possible even alone …..

Herd of Orc’s

And our Hero feel’s something is like a dream but it’s too vivid, then someone calling  Hey! Kim Woojin, crazy punk are you trying to kill them all? Hehe But our hero are thinking different is that or I came back to the past, He starting to think for this to deeply but suddenly a sound.

You are a player type show’s up no where  He remember the when he became A ‘Player ‘ But unlike the Past there are three choices, Wait What! The Dark World’s Surrogate….?

The Dark Gate World’s Surrogate

The Dark Gate World’s Surrogate, this power have the ability to control various poison and curse and also have give power to control undead, Unlike that the other Omnipotence power.

Now I’ll Become That Monster…

If Lee Sejun was the hero or he is a monster then I have to hunt that monster , Then what!!!! we know Our hero select the Power ‘The Dark Gate World’s Surrogate’ to both those option’s, then our giving his smile and said….. Now I’ll Become That Monster…

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  • 26 November 2021

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