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Kill The Hero Chapter 2- Enter The Dungeon

“Guild” A profit group for the ‘Players’. Out of those, some guild’s are corrupted or bad to get power and money like Phoenix guild and also became the no.2 guild in Korea.

Every story one taking other’s disadvantage to benefit, In this we also have one Called “Messia Guild”. Messia guild’s idealistic ideas shinned more brightly.

Hero in Phoenix guild HQ

Next we saw our Hero in Phoenix guild HQ, to signing a contract to joining there guild to get more experience to grow, In the phoenix HQ a person he offer/choice a three type’s of skill use in mission and in a choice he found some interesting skill “Hemotoxin” only for a user of Dark World Surrogate Acquisition Level.


This skill are able to changing the cultivator’s blood into poison, this is very hard to be found. The skill itself is very simple…. but with the blood golem skill give’s the the effect multiplies, that’s very useful skill. then what, Our hero select that skill.

Our hero select that skill

After that next morning our see a bad dream about past life memories, where he with a guild on hunting but that not be giving a proper respect and use as a monsters bate…..


In Gwanumun Sports Park, Our hero had a mission with same those which they saw in dream, they are gathering for hunt and capturing the dungeon. In a guild, Jusup-oppa one of the experience guy there, he talking blabbing about past experience and sudden our take his entry with old car but we that’s our Hero . Again same thing talking bad thing about our hero, but he don’t care. And finally our hero start a first mission but before that a big lecture about the dungeon.

Conqueror of the Dungeon

Now finally, they start entering in the dungeon, but before that they start yelling about our Hero….. talking about a really rush things for a Hero. When you didn’t know about that guy, they need only attention by the other guys that’s why they are talking about, Jusup is that much stupid person here….. but we know our Hero will be the Conqueror of the Dungeon. After entering the dungeon they tell the  Hero do  some search about this area and their relaxing, what kind person but know about Hero he don’t care about that kind trash mouth’s now story here ends with our Hero with his smile and we will meet you in next chapter soon as possible thanks for reading guys 

Hero with his smile
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  • 13 December 2021

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