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Luffy Uses Perfected Gear 5 For The First Time Against Rob Lucci and CP0

One Piece Chapter 1068 is honoured with the title “A genius Dream”. Based on the last chapter, the new segment shows a turning point for the Egghead Island Arc. The cover story will show the ongoing battle between Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge. Above us we can see a flashback to his MADS.Vegapunk days  and some shadows can be seen behind him.

Luffy Uses Perfected Gear 5 For The First Time Against Rob Lucci and CP0

He will be seen in the same outfit as Kuma described him. In One Piece Chapter 1068, Lucci questions Pythagoras about the incidents where several Cipher Pol ships disappeared around Egghead Island, but Pythagoras denied being involved. Lucci ordered the CPO agent to prepare an abandoned ship. They summon S-Bear to use the power of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi to devour everyone on the island. After they left, the Sea Beast destroyed the ship.

In addition, the real Kuma also uses the power to find out the exact target. On Egghead Island, Vegapunk Luffy reveals  that his dream is to find a way  that would give the entire world’s population  access to free energy. Unfortunately, his investigation brings him closer to the mysterious energy source. He also knew that the world government is trying to wipe it out. However, he is happy and has asked Luffy to take him with him.

He said they would meet again on the top floor where  Bonney is currently present. Start packing all your necessities. Meanwhile, CPO arrives on Egghead Island. Nami and her group are monitoring everything.

Shaka commands S-Snake, S-Hawk, and S-Shark to move forward and gives the “Control Authority” order  to Sentoumaru. Lucci uses his Roku Ou Gan attack against Atlas; The attack is strong and Atlas appears to be injured. The chapter ends with the meeting of Lucci’s group and Luffy’s Straw Hats.

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  • 4 December 2022

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