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Man allegedly sold 1984 issue 51 of Weekly Shonen Jump for 180,000 yen

Ishikawa Prefectural Police revealed on Wednesday that they arrested a 50- time-old manly occupant of Tokyo’s Sumida Ward for allegedly dealing a moonshine dupe of the 1984 issue 51 of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the debut issue of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga. The questionable apparently stated after his arrest that he” vended the dupe with the knowledge that it was genuine.” 

Ishikawa Prefectural

Police indicted the suspect of allegedly producing and dealing the dupe in early April, stating he deliberately committed a violation of Japan’s Copyright Act. The specific issue he copied is supposed rare and sells for precious quantities online, due in part to being the debut issue of Dragon Ball. He allegedly vended the moonshine dupe for,180,000 yen ( aboutUS$,230) to a 30- time-old man in Ishikawa Prefecture. But the person who entered the moonshine dupe supposedly also held a genuine dupe of the same issue, and upon comparison and chancing the moonshine dupe’s differing paper quality and cement list, communicated the police regarding the issue. 

The sanctioned website of Weekly Shonen Jump also posted a warning about appropriated or moonshine clones of old issues, showing that issues of the magazine were staple-set ( seen right) until the 10th issue of 1994 on February 21, 1994. 


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  • 12 November 2022

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