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Scoob! Holiday Haunt director Michael Kurinsky explains why the sequel needed to be completed despite being axed by Warner Bros. Discovery in August.

Scoob! Holiday Haunt director Michael Kurinsky gave an explanation why the sequel had to be finished even after its cancellation by Warner Bros. Discovery months ago.

Warner Bros. Discovery months ago.

” The reason we were over to complete this film is because it was therefore far paid for,” Kurinsky said in an interview with Variety.” I can’t say it was( Warner Bros) saying,’ Please finish this movie, we want you to.’ I suppose it was more like,’ Finish the movie because we’ve paid to finish the movie.'” He continued,” At the end of the day, I don’t watch why and how it got finished. I’m glad it finished because so many people worked so hard to make the commodity so beautiful and really great.” 

Kurinsky also explain that, despite the movie’s completion, there’s little to no 5 that the effect will ever see the light of day because of Warner Bros. Discovery’s incapability to monetize it.” The thing that has not changed then, anyhow of us being done with the picture, is that Warner Bros. Discovery can not monetize this movie now,” the director said.” To get that $40 million duty write- off, they can not make plutocrats from it. So, there’s no script where they can sell it, stream it, anything. They just can’t because any move they would make would monetize it, and also they would lose their duty write- off.“

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  • 13 November 2022

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