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Metal Bat- One Punch Man

Metal Bat

The 17 year old bad aka Metal Bat is the 15th ranked s-class hero like all manly men he values fighting spirit above logic he wields his signature bat has a tough persona of a delinquent and even claims that threat level dragon monsters are nothing to him but he has a soft spot for his little sister when it appeared like he could have got the finishing blow on Garo his sister showed up and he stopped the attack because he promised never to expose her to violence he’s a weapons type hero and his stats are as follows he got an 8 in stamina III and intelligence a 7 in justice and 8 in endurance a 9 in power a 7 in popularity and Eden effectiveness and a 9 in fighting ability in addition to the usual super strength metal bat possesses a fighting spirit that increases his physical abilities as battles dragged on and he takes more damage by the end of his fight with Garo he likely would have been able to finish him off if he landed one solid blow but he stopped because of his sister many people were impressed by the power of his swings including Garo superalloy dark shine and bang it is suggested that metal bat could be ranked even higher but like Saitama he doesn’t care about his hero rank.

Metal Bat Characteristic


Metal Bat (Kinzoku Batto)




Male.png Male






168 cm (5’6″)


67.3 kg (148.1 lbs.)
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  • 10 October 2021

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