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Tanktop Master- One Punch Man

Tanktop Master

Tanktop Master is the 16th ranked s-class hero who heads the tank top army here’s a quote that captures his philosophy tank top is the source of strength if I can bring out even more potential of the tank top if I become a man who is worthy of the tank top then I can defeat even psychic power and quote according to the data book he scored a 9 and stamina a 5 and intelligence a 7 injustice and eight endurance and eight in power and eight in popularity and eight in effectiveness and an 8 in fighting ability similarly to put in putting prisoner tank top master is a physical type possessing super strength speed and durability most of tank tops moves aren’t very complicated he uses his strength to deliver attack and punches he can also punch the ground so hard that he begins to crack and throws his opponent off balance however he couldn’t defeat the human monster Garo.

Tanktop Master Characteristic



Male.png Male






230 cm (7’6½”)


157 kg (345.4 lbs.)
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  • 10 October 2021

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