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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation- Small twist

 Moshoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Episode is going to be about unlike other shows where ova are more just like filler side stories you can leave it to Mushoku Tensei to use it to cover what they missed a whole series of chapters from all the way back in episode 16 which was during the time when Rudeus was finding out about his father as you may recall Paul had said that she was going to do a bit of adventuring and I had mentioned in a cut content before that Ruijerd was meeting up with a friend what I didn’t get to though was the very lengthy interlude chapter which covered Eris goblins and adventure a seemingly easy quest that spiraled into a slightly less easy encounter with new characters and assassins.

It wasn’t entirely crucial to the main plot at the time but it was actually pretty important in developing Eris’s growth as a character it was this whole side story that was fairly central in helping Eris realize that perhaps she wasn’t as powerless as she thought she was so despite it not making it into the anime I am very excited to know that it is getting adapted I think a lot of you will be pleasantly surprised not only with what it does for Eris character but also with what it’ll do for the overall story now.


I wanted to talk about but I did see a few new anime announcements that may pique your interest the first is the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Bastard or Vintage manga from 1987 that combines both the elements of dungeons and dragons with the heavy metal it’s a dark fantasy that was actually pretty popular back in the day as for the others.

We also have the upcoming spring Isekai trapped in a dating sim another newly announced one called the Reincarnation of the strongest exorcist in another world then finally they revealed that the 2018 Isekai manga black summoner will be getting an adaptation as well none of these are ones that I’m entirely familiar with but the dating sim has the highest rating the strongest exorcist looks like your basic power fantasy and then black summoner is pretty much your cookie-cutter Isekai story so those are the few that are announced to be coming out later but yeah that’s pretty much everything, 

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  • 4 March 2022

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