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The Might of Darkness and Shadow Against The Demon King!

 Asta Yono and Yami, knocked out four of the strongest characters in Black Clover, just got absolutely steamrolled by the King of Devil’s Lucifero.

Asta and Yuno had finally gotten back up asked on account of secret sealing his pain Yami would call on both of them to help mix things up a bit because for as impressive as their full power mana zone combination spell happened to be between Yami’s dark magic and Nacht shadow magic it obviously was not gonna cut it at least not enough because funny enough.

Only Yami and Asta have been able to cut this guy but more on that later Lucifero stood in the midst of this dark and shadow spell as a whole slew of for lack of better words shadow clones of Nacht and Yami advanced towards him but Lucifero decided to take these guys seriously even though they had only been able to give him the equivalent of paper cuts so far it was enough for ego and acknowledge them which is just about the worst thing a final boss can do because being underestimated is usually a good way to secure a sneaky win suddenly the mana zone would begin to crumble and fade lucifero simply extended his hand and everything was being destroyed which is pretty crazy because these are some of the most powerful and rare sorts of magic at play here although i mean Lucifero’s power gravity magic is a fundamental aspect of our reality even zero gravity as we know it isn’t no gravity at all it’s a power that will always exist and be present in some capacity thus making it really difficult to counteract even in the face of composite magic between darkness and shadows because for as prevalent as those two things may be they may cease to be in the presence of enough light not to mention they’re not inherently damaging powers like gravity may be and that’s what makes the supreme devil so terrifying we’ve got Lucifero with gravity, Beelzebub with space, Megicula with curse magic.

But more than likely time as well all of which being some pretty deadly things this spell from Nacht and Yami is one of the most powerful examples of combination magic we have ever seen in the series and was already destroyed by Lucifero in a matter of seconds Yami would yell out to the others that they needed to end things quickly before the king of devils had the chance to completely destroy them all the reality being that with each and every attempt they were getting weaker and libya was all for it what he wanted to hear more than anything else was revenge revenge for his and asta’s mother which i’m still waiting for him to bring up or maybe lucifero might just recognize Liebe himself i mean thus far with each and every one of these supreme devil fights there has been a backstory related revelation Nacht vs The twins devil gave us information on his brother Morgan’s death, Yuno vs Zenon gave us Yuno’s second grimoire situation on top of Zenon’s backstory and Noelle vs Magicula gave us her mother and Nozel sad past so imma need that mother reveal for Asta, but speaking of Asta he would use his double union mode here but there was a problem.

According to Nacht, anti-magic was overflowing and doing so to the point where they could not maintain their mana zone around him which now reveals the biggest issue, Just Rill back his fists while letting Asta know that he might just be the most dangerous one of them all but he was also the one who would be easiest to kill which definitely checks out because Asta wasn’t really able to evade the guy without the assistance of others and this time would be no different as to save him would be captain Yami yet again placing his sword on the flesh of Lucifero but unlike last time where he managed to cut him a bit Lucifera was serious now and seemingly far more fortified as not even a scratch would be left from which point Yami’s left arm would suddenly be broken and in the proximity of the devil things would only get worse.

So yuno took it upon himself to relocate Yami elsewhere from which point Yami would recognize that Yuno now has two grimoires and thank him now Nacht and Yuno were mostly playing support roles in this fight but being the more intelligent of their respective duos would begin to further strategize and weigh their options as far as Nacht was concerned Asta and Yami were the only ones who could take down the King of Devils, but he would have to wonder how well Yami would even fare at this point with only one arm available then you’d have Yuno who was still pretty beat up and unfortunately again because of how Asta’s devil union mode works you know couldn’t have his star magic follow and help him out because Asta’s anti-magic would destroy it too and so at this point they would both begin to wonder who they should bet on here and for whatever reason we would again be reminded of a Dremel x presence and they’re just hanging out and watching the show from here and at that my fascination with this figure only continues to grow with each and every chapter now.

Lucifero would cause sudden harm to Nacht’s right arm just as he had to Yami’s left one which Asta using his anti-magic would get rid of as quickly as possible to avoid any serious damage being done but in no time at all knowing the very same move would not work on him Lucifero landed a direct kick onto Asta’s kneecap as his entire leg would go on to twist in a terrible way he was about to finish Asta off with a punch, but just then you know with his star and when magic in tandem would take the hit in Asta stead which absolutely broke his spirit dive apart and it was at this point that Yuno would declare that he would be placing his bets on the one his Captain William was willing to bet on the man who wielded William’s sword Yami which considering his history with Asta may feel a bit strange but hey I guess you gotta put your faith in your captain at the end of the day you know.

What will happen next? Is Lucifero really able to kill Asta, May Yami is able to put any damage to Lucifero, Story is going to be crazy or cold with a surge of power and abilities, So friend’s goodbye, see you in the next one.

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  • 5 March 2022

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