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My Hero Academia: About Deku’s Rogue Arc

 My Hero Academia has been sort of between arcs for a while now however this time in between has been very focused on a specific thing and can be classified as Deku’s rogue arc we had the war arc of course.

The end of the war of course Shigaraki

The end of the war of course shigaraki had lost control of his body to all for one and at that time deku saw a shigaraki that in his own words looked like he needed to be saved this did two things established deku’s desire to save shigaraki not beat him but save him it also allowed deku to see up close how offer one uses people causing his hatred for him to deepen i say hatred loosely but essentially deku from that time on has had much stronger feelings about all for one these things laid the foundation for the rogue arc which would follow of course after these events and the war in general deku would enter a deep sleep caused by the injuries he sustained during the brutal fight against shigaraki and possibly also by the previous user’s desire to speak with him and truthfully he probably sustained more damage by overusing his power than he did from shigaraki directly during that conflict in this coma-like state deku would meet and speak with all of his previous predecessors from Shimara nana to the very first user of one for all before they could only interact with him by connecting during those moments where he was not fully conscious but from this moment forward they would be able to connect with him at any time four months before this time one for all began growing rapidly and along with that the vestiges of the predecessor solidified more and gained the ability to communicate with each other in this dreamlike world.

Dreamlike World.

That would be formally introduced to each previous user and learn of their stories for example how the fourth user the previous holder of danger sense died of old age due to the strain of multiple quirks eating away at his life this information is what allowed the one fraud predecessors to conclude that one for all could no longer be held by a normal person one for all cannot be transferred anymore quirk less individuals are a rarity and it’s unlikely deck would find another in need of this power anyway from all this it will be said that deku is very likely the final wielder of one for all something we had theorized prior to this reveal this is likely another factor that contributed to the rogue off you would see following this dreamlike state deku already had a lot of weight on his shoulders but to be told he is the final user basically the final person with a chance of defeating all for one was definitely a lot something like this magnifies the already existent sense of urgency he was facing failure was not an option there was more said in this dream world but they likely didn’t contribute to the rogue arc as much as the previous factors.

 However, we did further solidify the point that deku wants to try to save shigaraki while this was all going on society was collapsing the aftermath of the war threw society back into a dark age where there was no law and order the heroes lost the trust of the people and the villains and opportunists were free to roam and cause chaos not only that but the very heroes who the citizens began to lose trust in started retiring one after another the dominoes kept falling one by one when deku had finally woken up and healed a good amount of his injuries the world was drastically different than the one he’d always known and as the successor of all might the symbol of peace it was his responsibility to clean it up at least in his mind almight was very similar to deku during his career he put himself aside for the good of others deku has been showing this quality since the beginning of the series it was only natural for him to take on all this by himself or at least try to and so in his torn up costume now holding the cape of gran torino wearing a tired expression deku would begin his rogue arc that expression would only grow more and more grim from this point forward his first act would be saving shinso from muscular one of the jailbreakers when he arrived on scene he’d have his hood over his face something we’d rarely seen previously with his costume torn up deku looked menacing but this was again only the beginning yet another quirk this time smokescreen would make his debut and from this point on deku would have his predecessors with him providing guidance.



The fight deku would try to reason with muscular even addressing him by his government name but it was futile muscular could not be helped at least not right now and so deku would very easily crush him when we saw a deku’s behavior during this time we all believed deku had not really changed it only progressed until this was no longer true at this time he was still in contact with all might receiving guidance and support and we learned that all might acquired special gauntlets from America that would allow deku to use much of his power without causing damage to his own body deck would work along with all might and the other top heroes like hawks and endeavor while taking down threats and searching for information on all for one’s whereabouts everything deku had dumped at this point in the war and going forward was a genuine effort to do what he considered the right thing he would keep his distance from ua and everyone else because he didn’t want to endanger them shigaraki possessed the quark search so was possible to locate deku at any time he’d explained this to his mother and all might while remembering the damage the war caused to people like Aizawa, Gran torino and Bakugo.



It was also important to stop shigaraki and offer one before they became even stronger and not just stronger but before they became able to steal one for all before shigaraki’s body is prepared and all for one gets what he wants after explaining all this to his mom before the start of the roll  arc ending the conversation by hugging her and saying he has to go but he’ll come back home to her after it’s all said and done while Deku was no longer the same bright hero he early on was still cooperating with the top heroes that would change later though time would pass and the search would continue without any leads on the location of shigaraki things were tense around the country at this time and not improving the people were tired of heroes and not only blamed them for the actions of villains like shigaraki and Dabi but also the escaped prisoners and it became even worse than that because the media was closing in on the fact that the villains were targeting deku the heroes weren’t being fully transparent for good reason but it was continuing to hurt their reputation there was a major event one night around the span of time all might had been driving around following deku who he’d observed hadn’t been getting much sleep a concern that would remind him of how night i would care for him in the past care which he would shrug off back then he couldn’t speak up to Deku all might knew him and deku were basically the same Deku’s GPS signal would disappear suddenly on that night his tracker was destroyed by lady nagant unlike the previous enemies he’d been stopping this one did have ties to all for one directly she was a senior for hawks and someone so strong and terrifying that he would previously warn deku that if she were his opponent he should drop everything and run strong words from hawks but it says more about nagant’s ability than it does about Hawks’ confidence nagant is the number one shooter in the country if it weren’t for her snipe would be the gap between him and her is drastic she can do what his quirk does with skill alone and from 3 kilometers compared to his 600 meters.

 Deku and Nagan would fight

 Deku and Nagan would fight and it was a close one until deku eventually began to read her and gain the upper hand it wasn’t easy because not only did she have her initial quirk and skill but all for one had also given her airwalk so she was essentially an unstoppable sniper that could always find an angle using fajin a quirk that makes use of kinetic energy deku was able to use a pseudo 100 one for all to stop her her backstory was a dark one the hero commission used her as a killing machine even killing people that had yet to commit a real crime until she eventually killed the one giving her those commands landing her in Tartarus where she escaped during all for one’s prison raid hearing this and seeing just how dark things were on the hero side as well that good morsel than before learned that things were not so black and white by the end of the fight nagant would recognize deku as a real hero but just then she would quite literally explode suddenly all for one had prepared for something like this as she fell from the sky after being moved by deku and now hawks who was on the scene dagon managed to reveal some information the location which she was supposed to bring deku within 2 months this was dark deku literally saw her explode right in front of his face after hearing how the hero society had used her she’d been used by both sides the good and the bad deku looked rough now with his mask off he looked the way we’d never seen before things were progressing now in a big way the top heroes and deku made their way to a location in harbors woods as they went towards the deku would charge ahead of the group with anger while endeavor from behind told him not to be reckless still again wearing his mask he looked menacing this location would really just be a trap offer one had a pre-recorded message playing for the heroes as they arrived


All for One

He’d essentially taunt them deku he disrespect nagant as well they say that every battle grinds away at daku in the message he’d also express his lack of interest and all might now and make it clear that now it’s deku’s turn and with that the mansion they were led to would explode all for one was very much right in a lot of what he said nagant was unfortunately used and deku was in fact being grinded down by each battle the progression in his appearance was proof of that the next time we would see deku after the explosion he looked like death himself he take out another hired gun with quickness the panel of him standing over that body is just cold and from that moment on you could see he was even more broken down the mask he wears based on all might’s appearance was now more close to representing a broken smile after that fight deku would begin to leave the scene and tell all might to be careful because like nagant this villain might explode this was strange because regardless of whether the person is a hero or villain deku wouldn’t typically say something like that so casually and leave on his own it sounded like a lack of concern for the villain all might would try to stop deku because he hadn’t eaten in a while but deku would ignore that and tell all might he no longer needs him to follow him around he’d say that he’s fine as the words of all for one rang in his head it’s your turn all might would try to reason with him but it was no use deku would explain that what he’s capable of now is on par with all might 100 with no recoil the look of his mask as he says to all might here to not worry about him is just sad all my new deku just wanted to protect him he understood that but even still he did promise to protect deku so this was all heartbreaking to see deku will leave all might here and continue on his own word of deku would start spreading around he moved without a sound has a mess of quirks in him he seems a lot like all for one or nomu the rumors say he’s caked with blood and filth which covers his many scars looking at him you’d never guess he’s a hero yeah deku no longer looked like a hero in the process of trying to become the greatest he became something else the predecessors would now be concerned his wounds hadn’t fully healed it was not yet time to risk it all they expressed this but as they did dangerous sense would kick in and deku would jet off in another direction without even acknowledging their words the predecessors would talk among themselves and express their concerns but the second user would say deku was doing the right thing seeking to save everyone as a true hero but with that said he still knew deku needed help and so he would say to the other users that there’s only one thing that could bolster deku right now referring to deku’s friends as he looked at his own comrades inside of on for all at the scene of the crime he zoomed off to deku would quickly be able to help the citizens in need however noticing his multiple quirks they would ask if he’s working for all for one he’d answer no of course but they were skeptical nonetheless how could they not be deku would then have dangerous sense trigger again and run off and route to his destination again the words of offer wanted ring in his head and would continue to do so while he continued to save more people he never forgot his comrades and family though he believed that he was doing the right thing by leaving them during this time after all it was them he wanted to protect he wanted to smile together with them again but it was not that time yet at the location of a later fight he would encounter the dictator who essentially had a quirk similar to Shinso’s brainwash controlling the masses that can only be stopped by knocking him out or by hurting the people he’s controlling it was a tough fight and deku was drained it was clear he was on his last legs it looked like it was over for him but as if on cue bakugou would appear landing a strong attack on the dictator and putting an end to his abilities bakugou and class 1a were not in support of deku’s actions after finding out.


 Concerned Bakugou Specifically

He left they were concerned bakugou specifically knew what kind of person deku is he knew deku would not consider his own well-being and as you can see throughout this arc that was definitely true they contacted the principal of U.A. and endeavor who helped them find deku and grant permission to bring him back to U.A. the students had yet to begin their second year and so deku hadn’t fallen behind during his time of absence now face to face with all of his friends deku still kept up his recent behaviors he’d tell them he’s fine and put on his mask which acts as a fake smile his classmates were determined to bring him back though and he was determined to not go and so it looks like a fight is about to ensue.

Last ended off on the Story

Where we last ended off on the story and it is the potential end of this rogue arc while it would be cool to see deku dominate his classmates similar to how mario did a long time ago he’s tired at this point too tired to win not only that but you can tell emotionally he’s starting to wane i imagine they’ll win or the fight will stop soon with deku being willing to go back to U.A.  there isn’t much deeper for deku to fall during this arc he’s drained it’s time for the light to find his way back to his life at least a little i can’t imagine class 1a making a quick appearance then disappearing again after months of not being in the story it’s possible sure but i don’t find that to be likely horikoshi himself hinted at Uraraka being a light of some sort in this later part of the story and so is very possible that could be beginning here what do you guys think is Deku’s Rogue Arc

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