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My Hero Academia chapter 404 Deku, Bakugo, and the Fate-Altering Twist

My Hero Academia’s latest chapter 404 have finally brought the final showdown to its climax, pitting Deku and Bakugo against the mighty adversaries, Shigaraki and All For One. A world-breaking power is required as All Might’s life hangs in the balance and Deku must combine his extraordinary quirk with Bakugo’s. In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting unfoldings of the series and talk the shocking twist that has made people looking forward to the grand finale.

Bakugo’s Return and Deku’s Gearshift

Bakugo's Return and Deku's Gearshift

Surprisingly, Bakugo comes back to the stage. Years later, Deku and Bakugo are both prepared for the final battle against Shigaraki and All For One on the same battlefield. However, All Might is seriously wounded and is kept in All For One’s arms, waiting to be murdered at any moment.

Deku takes a risk and combines his Gearshift Quirk with Bakugo’s explosive capabilities. The second user warns Deku of the grave outcome, but Deku is adamant to rescue All Might. He sends Bakugo towards All For One with a speed of light, using Gearshift, so as to rescue All Might.

Changing Destiny

Shigaraki wonders how fast can BakugoShigaraki wonders how fast can Bakugo get there, given that All Might seems to be dying. However, something extraordinary happens. All For One is about to kill Bakugo, but Bakugo manages to cut the villain’s arms before saving All Might. Amazingly one for all turns back the silhouette vestige within one for all. This change implies that All Might’s death has been avoided.

The Power of Wishful Thinking

My Hero Academia Chapter 404  ends with a panel of Bakugo's determined shout, "We'll win this."

The My Hero Academia chapter 404  ends with a panel of Bakugo’s determined shout, “We’ll win this.” It raises several intriguing questions: Will Deku still be able to use Gearshift without having to experience any negative effects? Is this teamwork between Deku and Bakugo, a start of other Quirk combinations and fusions in the final battle?

Speculation and Possibilities

My Hero Academia Chapter 404

An interesting topic that the My Hero Academia Chapter 404 raises is the assertion that collective wishing and praying can change destiny. The transformation of Night Eye’s prophecy may have been influenced by the support the global audience gave to the heroes. This brings into question the likelihood of more characters teaming up to generate new Quirk combinations.

Also, Deku could share One For All and also his other unlocked Quirks with his classmates like Bakugo, thereby unlocking a new field of creativity. The only way to defeat awakened Shigaruki permanently is in the form of a fused multiple quirk.


My Hero Academia’s plot twists are interesting, and the series remains exciting. The recent My Hero Academia chapter 404 demonstrates the importance of determination, teamwork, and the hope for a better tomorrow. The stage is set for the most epic showdown ever. Fans anxiously await the chapters that follow to see how the rescue mission by Deku and Bakugo continues and what new Quirk combinations may come about.

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  • 20 October 2023

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