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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239 Shocked Everyone- Return of Gojo

The latest chapter 239 of Jujutsu Kaisen promises to be a breath-taking adventure as Gojo Satoru returns and Kenjaku unveils his hidden plan. This blog will examine the most recent occurrences culminating in the showdown between Yuji and full-power Sukuna. Hence, keep your eyes glued as we unveil the recent events in the Jujutsu Kaisen arena.

Kenjaku’s Secret Plan

Kenjaku's Secret Plan

Kenjaku is a character that enriches the story with an extra layer of intrigue. His cold nature and his odd take on human life makes him a complex villain. He is able to turn Sorcerers into cursed objects and track awake Sorcerers which is of great importance to him. Kenjaku’s plan is the typical goal of a villain with a promise of high action and stakes as all the Culling Game players are removed and Tangen merges with the whole of Japan. The merging process may lead to loss of individuality, like the Human Instrumentality Project from Evangelion.

Yuji and Sukuna’s Battle

Yuji and Sukuna's Battle

The epic struggle between Sukuna and Yuji remains one of the highlights of the plot. It is hard to imagine Yuji overcoming Sukuna’s overwhelming strength. On the other hand, Yuji is the protagonist of the novel and this gives room for hope as we pray it gets better in the second novel. This battle will no doubt shape the direction on which the story will take.

The Mystery of Hazenoki

The Mystery of Hazenoki

Another intriguing element to the story is the mysterious character Hazenoki who is similar in some panels to Gojo. Still, it remains uncertain whether H has anything to do with Gojo or if it is a different person altogether. The fact that the mangaka chose to focus on this character means that H will play a crucial part in the development.

Takaba’s Entrance

Takaba, the unsuccessful comedian

Takaba, the unsuccessful comedian, is quite an unorthodox and amusing side character in the plot. The way in which he nullifies the damage gives another edge to the battles. He comes off as a standout character due to his confident and funny personality.

It becomes possible that Gojo can also come back, since Kenjaku is able to reanimate dead Sorcerers. Moreover, with the talk of Tangen superseding its human form, Gojo comeback as something more than human can be imagined. Gojo’s reappearance is expected by everyone.


The current chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen are loaded with interesting occurrences like Gojo’s probable re-emergence, Kenjaku’s evil plot, and fierce fights. The excitement and anticipation from the fans are higher than they ever have been. The readers are anxiously waiting to find out how the conflicts currently existing will be resolved, and what new characters and plots will be introduced.

Gojo Satoru’s return is a big thing for the fans of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is one of the most powerful standout characters from the series because he is a very charismatic man. Having Sukuna defeat Gojo, it is expected for the readers to wonder how Gojo can stage a comeback.

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  • 20 October 2023

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