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Nagato DLC Rewards Translations!: Shinobi Striker

Namaste, Another shinobi Nagato DLC today we’re going to be talking about the Nagato DLC and the reward translations so let’s get right into it  okay so first Nagato is gonna be a range type so that’s hype because marines types need some help for sure so yeah this is the reanimated Nagato the first thing says the costume is entrusted with the hope for a peaceful world so it’s talking about the clothes it says you can get childhood costumes that look up to Jiraiya  as a teacher yeah we’ll talk more about that in a second a staff comment says Nagato reanimation is here as your master Akatsuki costume first generation is available for special training.

 Nagato DLC

Nagato reanimation so it says Akatsuki’s heart alright so purchase the DLC and take over the feelings of the first Akatsuki and it says originally reanimated during the fourth shinobi world war the leader of Akatsuki it says you inherit the super powerful ninjutsu with secret technique so yeah hopefully these ninjutsu are super powerful because rage types need some help so the first uh ninjutsu is called Chikushodo so it looks like it’s the some kind of summoning hopefully it’s like a legit summon and not just like a summon that you can hit somebody with or something but we’ll see when the actual ninjutsu translations come out this is more about the rewards okay so let’s get right into the rewards so at rank 1 you unlock the master so you can play as the cast character Nagato reanimation rank two you get the ninjutsu Chikushodo  rank three you get the costume Nagato style the first Akatsuki  version and then rank four you get ninjutsu Shira  rank five.

You get the secret technique Akatsuki jutsu ghetto statue here ring six is a shinobi boost scroll a ring seven you get Nagato’s hair first to Akatsuki and then rank eight you get Nagato’s costume boyhood version and you also get Conan costume uh it says Conan style girls generation version so you get an outfit for the females and the males from their childhood and then rake nine another shinobi boost scroll rank 10 get the lobby action warhead fire arrow and honorary title brothers uh so yeah so that’s all right now we don’t have like the the detailed translation on the ninjutsu but i’ll get that later so that’s just all the rewards you get uh with this Nagato’s DLC 25 so yeah i’m hyped because range types need some help so this should be dope because Nagato’s is one of the most overpowered characters in the game or in the show so yeah this should be pretty this should be pretty uh op.
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  • 19 July 2021

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