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Chainsaw Man Anime Production News And Trailer Date


Today I’m going to be discussing all the news that dropped for The Chainsaw Man panel.

At anime expo shout out to Quadluck_ and Shonenleaks on twitter as most of the information was from them. At the Chainsaw Man panel and at the same time tweeted everything.


Let’s start at the beginning of the event before the panel even started as it was apparently a full house I mean the room was stacked and this was the same room used for the premiere of Made In Abyss 2nd season and people who couldn’t get in initially are being denied entrance due to the room being so full so that really shows how popular Chainsaw Man is you know so many fans are just excited to see the anime the panel eventually begins and the english host was actually dressed up as Denji which is kind of funny i mean we do have like this low quality picture here and yeah i mean he’s rocking the white collar the black tie which is usually what Denji wears in the manga then the guests came onto the stage that being the Makoto Kimura(Executive Director and Rights Management Director of MAPPA),the series composition Hiroshi Seko and Manabu Otsuka is the CEO of Studio Mapa were here to talk about the production answer some questions and we’ll get into all of that right now.

  • The first question was for the producer executive director asking how they chose Chainsaw Man to be an anime.

He answered that Mapa was really interested in making the series into an anime ever since the manga was released they asked Shueisha for permission he mentioned Jujutsu Kaisen but that part was not translated so maybe it was like to say oh you know the same way started with Jujutsu Kaisen and look how successful that series has been.

  •  The second question was asked what’s the production structure to help make the anime.

They answered that The CEO is a huge fan of the Chainsaw Man manga and he wants to create an anime for himself and the fans that they all can enjoy.

So this is awesome stuff because if The CEO of Mapa himself is a huge fan of the series then there’s a better chance of this anime not flopping because why would they want to rush a series that’s favourable to them this could give hope that they really are working hard on the adaptation making it the best to their abilities.

  • Third question: what were you careful about when writing the script for Chainsaw Man.

They answered we want to make sure everything is hardcore no soft stuffs.

Oh my goodness again just another reason to believe that this adaptation is gonna look amazing the way it’s worded could also be hinted that there’s no censorship in the anime actually it’s later confirmed with the producer saying we won’t be censoring anything when answering a question about handling the Core of the manga this is incredible news because Chainsaw Man has so many gruesome moments in the story so a lot of fans like myself were worried if all that was gonna be censored but no they’re gonna go all in no soft stuff as stated from another question we want to emphasize the rawness of the original and realness of the images we want it to be dynamic and theoretical wow just great news to hear it really feels like this anime is gonna be PG-rated or something another question how is Fujimoto involved in the production of the anime they answered we are working very close with him we want this to be a representation of the original even down to the casting of the voice actors love hearing..

Because it means that the anime will be as close to a feeling as the manga and very carefully choosing the right voice actors is a good sign because having the right voice actors makes a huge difference from the series being enjoyable kind of reminds me of Jujutsu Kaisen first season when that was in production i know the author was working very closely with the series director to making it as close as possible to the source material.

Chainsaw Man

Last question of the panel was when are we getting more information on Chainsaw Man and what they revealed at the Crunchyroll Expo. The Crunchyroll expo is expected to happen from august 5th to august 7th so we can assume that the official trailer and or key visual of the anime will be released on that date technically a month away so look forward ladies and gentlemen as we’re very close i mean i know people were disappointed to not see a trailer today but hey at least we got some good information that leads to a successful and amazing adaptation if anything this makes me more hyped to see the trailer and part two of the manga.

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