New Anime ‘Pon no Michi’ by Minamikawa & IISP
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New Anime ‘Pon no Michi’ by Minamikawa & IISP

Type: Original anime series
Published: Scheduled for January 2024
Producers: Tatsuma Minamikawa, IISP
Genres: Slice of life, comedy, drama
Source: Original story
Adaption: None
Studios: OLM


Tatsuma Minamikawa (Fire Force) and original story writer IISP are going to release an original anime series called Pon no Michi. The series takes place in Onomichi City, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.

The story focuses on a girl named Nashiko Jippensha who is thrown out of her father’s house. She discovers the mahjong parlor, which was her father’s workplace, is deserted. Afterward, she renovated the parlor into a cool place to hang out with friends, cook, have tea, and sometimes play mahjong.


Nashiko Jippensha: A high school girl, who has been kicked out of the house, hangs out at father’s old mahjong parlor, with her friends.

Sakura Hoshi: Nashiko’s best friend and classmate. She is a nice and kind girl who likes cooking.

Kaito Aoi: A friend of Nashiku and Sakura. Though he is not the best of boys, he is also a friend.

Ren Hidaka: Nashiko and Sakura’s friend. The boy is a quiet, shy, and book reading boy.

What is About Pon no Michi

Nashiko’s troubles start when she is kicked out of her home. She enters into mahjong parlor and starts to fix it. She also begins to invite her friends to visit.

Nashiko usually visits the parlor with her friends. They do, take tea, and in turn, play mahjong. They narrate their stories and offer each other with moral support.

Eventually, Nashiko’s friendships grow deeper, and they become as close as sisters. Moreover, they learn more about themselves and what they want to accomplish.


The series has not been broadcast yet and so it is difficult to say how it will end. It is however more likely that Nashiko, together with her mahjong group will continue to advance and learn together.

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  • 1 November 2023

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