The best way to decide where to read the One Piece manga is to consider your own needs and preferences. If you are looking for a legal and convenient way to read One Piece

Official sources

Viz Media: Viz Media is the official translator of One Piece in English. They allow you to read the first three chapters of each volume on their website before you opt to subscribe and read the rest online. Viz Media also has a mobile app that allows you to read the manga.

Manga Plus: Shueisha’s official online manga platform is Manga Plus. The first three chapters of every volume of One Piece can be read for free, and after that, you can read the remaining part once a week. Manga Plus also offers a mobile app.

Shonen Jump: One Piece is published in a weekly manga magazine called Shonen Jump. Shonen Jump is a subscription service that allows you to read the latest chapter of One Piece as they are released in Japan. You can also read the manga through their mobile app.

Unofficial sources

MangaDex: One of the most common third-party sites to read manga for free is MangaDex. It also has a huge manga library, for example, one piece. However, MangaDex does not have anything to do with Shueisha or Viz Media and may hold pirated material.

KissManga: Another third-party website where you can read manga freely is called KissManga. The service also has one of the biggest manga libraries including One Piece. Similarly, KissManga is not related to Shueisha or Viz Media, and it possibly contains pirated content.

As a reader, using official sources for reading One Piece is also beneficial because it supports the author and the publisher. However, in case you cannot access the authorized sources, you can try to consider unofficial sources. Just know the risks you might be exposed to.

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