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One Piece Chapter 1019 | Spoiler’s

Hello and welcome, we are here to review chapter 1019 an installment that sounds every bit as insane in context as it does out but regardless the out-of-context summary is as follows the space-time continuum is broken cyborgs with lasers now fight against dinosaurs whilst in the adjacent room cyborg dinosaurs fight with lasers amongst all of this fur covered doctors are about to implement an experimental medication whilst underwater non-fur covered doctors have prescribed the only true medication of meat to top it all off the rematch of the century is happening outside with round two of Kaido versus Kozuki Oden.


The battle for Wano is on once again


 The battle for Wano is on once again except this time Oden has come equipped with a secret weapon that weapon being breasts 1019 was a pretty wild ride to say the least but before i start anything we need to say happy 24th birthday to one piece on this day 24 years ago the very first chapter of the series was published and the world of Shonen manga and let’s just say the world in general would be forever changed just as a spread here shortly will forever be changed into toast toes decide at this point i’m pretty sure that one piece is actually older than more than 50 of the people watching this video so let me know in the comments are you older than one piece because I am and there was a ton of stuff in weekly Shonen jump to celebrate this birthday but i will get into all of the stuff afterwards because damn what
A chapter and i really don’t see a better place to start than with Yamato  we finally have the long-awaited devil fruit reveal and rather uncharacteristically from Oda it is not a silhouette we have a very clear view of what looks to be Yamato’s hybrid Mythical Zoan form but that was surprisingly unhelpful how can i have a perfectly clear view of this fruit and still have no idea what it is after conducting mild research i would venture a guest at Akira these sort of hooved mythological creatures of chines’ mythology, is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler so you know what that’s good enough for me Yamato has appeared right at the moment of luffy and or Momonosuke’s ascension to vaguely define destiny so it feels pretty perfect fin the chat for all of the white tiger theories you know that’s the danger of theories whatever the case i think we can all agree that this is most likely a mythical Zoan which is very exciting because they tend to possess all sorts of world-breaking special powers but also Kaido heavily hints at it by complaining that it was an absolute pain to acquire this devil fruit to begin with which actually leads to my favorite piece of dialogue in the chapter where it’s revealed that Yamato only ate the fruit out of sheer hunger which makes Yamato i think what the third person to have eaten a devil fruit out of pure hunger in the series the first two being luffy and Momonosuke actually no that’s that’s not true because in the ace novels he and masked jews ate the Miramar no me because they were doing a bit of the hunger as well oh and also there’s like all of the smile users of Ebisu town but we’re not going to count them because i don’t want to so discounting them it is an interesting trend of devil fruit origins Yamato is in very good company here and i have to say that the evidence is really piling up in favor of Yamato joining the crew over carrot hybrid Yamato kind of looks like Soo long Carrot(Carrot is a rabbit mink in the Warrior Beast Tribe) and you know at this point it would probably just be redundant to continue with both of them aboard the ship so look it’s not looking good for Carrot but we’ll see this whole interaction was pretty great though because it also provided an explanation as for how Yamato became so powerful and that is by just repeatedly challenging and losing to Kaido essentially making Yamato’s entire life up until now one big training arc i’m loving every second of this so and there’s this particular panel that really took my eye the second last one of the chapter with Yamato standing off against Kaido there’s this beautiful contrast of the dark detailed figure of Kaido juxtaposed against the bright more simplistic and well pure figure of Yamato it very effectively depicts the classic good versus evil struggle almost entirely through texture, the chapter though the stuff that you know luffy once crammed down his rubber throat.


luffy once crammed down his rubber throat

We have Franky versus sasuke this is every bit as bizarre as i expected it to be however the source of the weirdness did not come from who i expected it to come from what the in regards to the fight however i do love the various techniques on display but i’m really hoping that this isn’t the end of the matchup it’s very much visually depicted as potential match point for Franky because sasuke has the classic white eyes in his final close-up and also this is part of a beautiful two-page semi-spread with Franky using the radical beam stunning artwork there i love the framing i love the lighting it is such a satisfying action shot plus this fight did do exactly the thing i wanted it to accomplish which was to rip Franky out of general Franky and have him fight with his own body and yes it was only briefly admittedly but it was a pretty damn epic ending i think that the standard Franky body makes a much more interesting art than general Franky but if this is the end i would still honestly be left a little bit disappointed by sasuke because right now he feels like a little bit of a gimmick opponent by which i mean we’ve only really seen one kind of attack from him which is the spiny stuff and i guess i just wanted to see a bit more variety from you know a toby roper member i mean i get it he can spin he can spin very well even but is that really all there is to sasuke right now sasuke feels to me a bit like Jaya Arc. Bellamy the Hyena guy who only had one attack and when that attack was broken there was no other substance to him now obviously there’s much more to Franky versus Sakazuki because this has been happening for a while off screen but that final glorious Franky attack aside i’m slightly underwhelmed although to be fair I’ve been slightly underwhelmed by Sakazuki’s general existence ever since he was introduced so look it’s not a big deal still i probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet because there’s a chance that it might not be the end i don’t think it’s a good chance but i have to say it would be incredibly cool if from here Franky had to slug it out with sasuke and have Franky really pushed in a way that we have never seen before oh you know what Sakazuki’s ability it reminds me of um what’s his name buffalo once again oh and by the way sasuke he can he can technically fly right so that makes him what the 20th overall flying devil fruit user so you know what let’s let’s do the list yeah i love doing the list in case you’re unaware Oda.

statement in the alabaster

Once made pearl make a bold statement in the alabaster claiming that there were only five devil fruits in the world that granted flight which is one of the rare instances of inconsistency within one piece because look let’s just go ahead and count them we have Marco Kaido pel king buffalo the bug Zoan. Caesar Clown  as well as all of the propulsion logiest actually potentially Lafitte is also the toyotori no mere model albatross consumed by big news Morgans although he cannot fly for whatever reason so we’ll let him off the hook there and now sasuke who at the very least is acting thematically as he is a member of the flying six none of the other flying six can actually fly so good on sasuke for that but there you go that is all five flying devil fruit users so i’m going to go ahead and agree with the appropriately named general Franky on reddit when he says that the five flying devil fruits is a plot hole meanwhile incredibly minor detail approaching but more praise for the way that Oda fluidly structures these chapters it can often seem a bit like his scene choices are fairly random but his storytelling in chapter 1019 is quite masterful on the very first page we have a bit of a catch-up of the Sanji gang on the performance floor and Sanji himself has a nice line about Franky it’s kind of weird hearing Sanji talk about Franky because i like the two straw hats that almost never interact for whatever reason but this simple statement from Sanji acts as a primer to the reader very much consciously or even subconsciously preparing us for some sort of Franky focus later on this section is even better than that though because it ends on the doctors treating Zoro about to inject him with the the mysterious magical mink cure but it’s brilliant because this scene of doctors treating Zoro then transitions into the heart pirates treating luffy aboard the polar tank so nothing in this chapter is random everything has a thread that connects to other parts of 1019 which is more often than not the case for most one-piece chapters it’s these small decisions and cohesive tissue that make one piece such a satisfying experience to read on a weekly basis and that sort of clear directorial structure is what a lot of Shonen series lack in my personal opinion having brought up zoro though it looks like he’s about to spring back into action any moment and that now begs the question of exactly what does he do from here exactly what does he do from here he had a very clear purpose before which was to defeat Kaido on the roof and i do wonder if that’s maybe going to change because the other worst generation members kind of got bored with the whole Kaido quest and then got distracted doing all sorts of other things like fighting straw men and morbidly obese mothers in terms of options for Zoro though i only really see two one of which is that he does go straight back up to the roof and assist Yamato and another is to stay on the performance floor and either team up with Sanji to be queen or even Marco to be king I’d prefer not though because i think Sanji in particular really needs his moment of soloing queen that’s really the thing though there aren’t actually all that many opponents left to beat Onigashima.


minx queen
Jack has a date booked with the minx queen is being kicked in the face by the son of his former colleague king and Marco were having a bird off and as for the Tobiroppo  they’re all either currently defeated defected or taken so who’s left Scratchmen Apoo maybe like this raid is it’s going extraordinarily well so i do feel like the most zorro possible thing to do right now is to get healed and go back up to bash his head against the brick wall that is Kaido i don’t know i mean let me know what you think Zoro should be doing after all of this i’m genuinely interested alright we have a lot to cover this week that’s not the actual chapter though so much stuff to celebrate the 24th birthday of one piece and the first thing is the cover of weekly Shonen jump out of context this looks a bit weird because it’s luffy dressed like an astronaut but this is actually part of a collaboration between one piece and the international space station which may very well be the most ambitious crossover of 2021 so far and to be honest i’m not exactly sure what this collaboration will consist of yet but it looks like we are quite literally taking one piece into space in order to also celebrate the 100th manga volume of the series so from here on out one piece fans.
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